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Experiencer story, by Kit

I have something to share if you don’t mind… (only Kelly and a few select know about this)… A tribe of Sasquatch has erected structures on our property and I can see many newborns and juveniles in the trees in our swamp. I have been photographing them from my window but the distance is an issue causing slight blur, which I am trying to address. I speak out loud and whistle with them, and I think they trust me. Each one is quite different, small to large, ranging from beautiful to even… scary looking (like dogmen type). Some have more of an ape-like face while a few have more human features. I suspect this is a “baby daycare” area? We have been gifting and I also leave food at times. There are SO many of them though! Your recommendations would be appreciated, as I am trying to understand this wonderful but mysterious situation. I don’t want the public to find out, as I don’t want trespassers and must keep them safe and secure… It’s a long story but I am fighting to save this land which is part of an ancient forest and wetland. It must be protected, even more so since the tribe appeared. Perhaps they were forced out 30 yrs ago when this lot was clear cut and now they have returned? Your views would be appreciated, thank you so much for understanding. Have a great day!

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SunBôw’s reply:

Greetings Kit, thank you for sharing your amazing story…

I’ve heard of young ones seen in trees, but it’s the first time I hear of a group of them like you are seeing. It’s interesting that they likely are trying to protect that land, as they have done in many places. It could be an area of spiritual significance for them, either in their history, or a gathering place, burials are also sacred to them. Even a small plot of ground can have a special significance for them we know not. That would explain why they have returned, as I have seen elsewhere too.

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