Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Michelle Brown, from NY

By Michelle Brown


This is a short but sweet, story I’m sure you will enjoy!
Well for the past few months I have been trying to catch a pesky little mouse with, a toilet paper roll, as always it’s catch and release!
Of course my thoughts are he’s going to go into the forest and have a nice life.

Well I finally caught him with my home made mouse trap! The mouse landed it a tall bucket I know they can jump , but there is no way he could jump out of this bucket.
My son came to my door and said mom, the mouse got out!! I said there is no way the mouse can get out the bucket is too high, I thought my son was pulling my leg and let the mouse out, but he didn’t!
It was our forest friends that let the mouse go out side, they heard my thoughts about how he could have a nice life running in the forest! I have had my story confirmed that it was our little forest friends who released the mouse into the wild!!! I’m still in awe and Grateful for our forest friends!

-Michelle Brown

Update, June 2nd: Just after Michelle sent me her story and I posted it, she was gifted with a footprint from Kishcheck, the local clan leader, and sent me this photo:
Michelle Brown clan leader

sasquatch sketch

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