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Experiencer story, by Anonymous from England

Hi Bo, Here it is – it is quite long, but it’s difficult to tell the story in context with a shorter version. I’d prefer anonymity and have changed/omitted names

The events which first occurred on a warm night in 2014 were so unprecedented (as I came to learn), so life-changing and so highly unusual, that there was no chance of resuming anything like a normal life if I was to trust the experience and not reject it all as hallucinatory. People tend to describe the world according to their sensory input coupled with experience and heart-intuition – the world as seen, heard, felt and smelt, and would likely take offence if they were routinely disbelieved, simply because the listener had not experienced it for themselves, ie the “No, you didn’t see a shooting star because I saw nothing” school of disbelief.

Without new input, be it educational, sensory, emotional, experiential, there is only stasis. The old adage “Experience is what you get right after you need it” reminds us all of our journey forward, of enrichment, through the timeline of our lives. If something happens to us and we have no experience of it, we can only guess at how we should react, and often, the reaction is instant and instinctive, well out of our conscious control. That was most definitely the case with my own story. In the space of 1 minute, something occurred which defied all known experiences put together. It was real – strikingly and unforgettably real, causing not only an intense emotional response, but an equally acute physical one.

During the initial one minute, my brain had to dramatically readjust to the fact that the limits of what we all perceive with the traditional senses are merely artificial – their bounds give us an experience which is merely a part of a much much greater whole – life hitherto, was life in a bubble – confined and defined totally be the sum total of all that had been up to that point. I trust what I see, what I hear, so why would I suddenly doubt what I feel *just because it cannot be seen*… We all have feelings, but nobody is really sure where they come from – they are just there, so the best route forward was to embrace and try to understand what the heck was going on.

The typical response to inexplicable events is that they are impossible, misinterpreted, imaginary, delusional, there must be a rational explanation etc until there comes a time where education reveals that the “impossible” is merely unexplained or undiscovered science, just much more advanced than our current knowledge which is at best a small subset of all that is. Who would have believed in the possibility of cloaking technology before the mainstream told us it was ok to know about it? Our science is so infantile in its development, we barely understand quantum physics, the nature of time, light and gravity, and yet the common reaction, aided and abetted by a co-ordinated media who have no interest in expanding people’s consciousness of what is and what could be, is one of disbelief – you must be “imagining things”, or that you “perhaps should consult a doctor” or “you have an intelligent and active creative mind”, or (my favourite, and the ultimate in instant dismissal) : “I’m sure it was real to you” – Rare indeed is the person who embraces my story as an opportunity to expand their own world view, but thankfully such people do exist and have been a godsend when faced with the almost universal rejection that goes hand in hand with the territory. Of those who know my tale, I would say 90% were never heard from again. That has been hard, but if fear of contemplating a deeper reality keeps someone from maintaining communication, then so be it. There are more important things to say and do here and I have no doubt that very soon everybody will have no choice but to go through fundamental world-view adjustments as revelations about the truth about our planet become more and more prominent….

Over 20 years ago, a friend of mine recounted a time where he was climbing in the Rockies alone whilst on vacation. He had spent most of the day ascending steadily and as the day wore on, started to look for a place to camp. As he walked through a forested area, he became aware that something was watching him, a benevolent sensation, but which continued for a few miles as he headed on. He set up camp and the night passed without incident. In the morning, heading back down the same way, he noticed along the side of the trail, enormous footprints. He was in a remote area, miles from “civilisation” and the prints were fresh. It was this story that piqued my own interest in the possibility that there might be such creatures roaming free. I watched the mesmerising Paterson-Gimlin footage, listened to recordings of Yowies in the Australian outback, and scoured the internet in its infancy for anything else on the subject. It remained a hobby, a passing interest for many years – what a wonderful idea that they might actually exist somewhere hidden away, and free from our heavily-controlled world!

After watching some interesting videos and hearing some recordings on youtube, I started to seriously entertain the possibility of *invisibility* – that something could be there (and living), but not seen. We happily accept infrared photographs, yet the naked eye reveals nothing but blackness.. We hear only silence when elephants communicate over hundreds of miles using frequencies too low for the human ear, but fully accept when the scientists tell us “oh it’s there, it’s just we can’t HEAR it.” We completely accept the idea that sights and sounds exist outside of our frequency range, yet to most, the idea that life itself could exist in a different frequency, is laughable (after all, what’s the best way to stop the truth getting out? – make it laughable, conspiratorial, ridiculous, impossible)

Yes, I felt a very strong emotional connection with plaintive distant recordings of something deep in the forest – Perhaps it was these feelings that allowed the connection that was about to happen to take place. I’d spent many weeks pondering some very striking and strange recordings and one warm night, after reading for a while, settled down to sleep. Or so I thought. For the previous 2 nights, I thought I had noticed a kind of vibration on the bed, like a passing truck, but then dismissed it as my own heartbeat resonating through the bed springs. It was noticable enough to raise my pulse, but then it went away. This time, there was no mistake, the bed was moving!! Or at least the feelings were exactly consistent with the bed moving. To the naked eye, it was stock still, but all the sensations were consistent with movement. My heart rate shot through the roof! The movement was all at the lower end of the bed, but then almost immediately I felt a hand in my hand. It felt like a human hand – warm and soft and partially transparent, as if the hand was actually in the same space as my hand. There was very gently rubbing as if to calm me down and I didn’t move a muscle. I was terrified!!!!!! But much of the terror felt like it was instinctive – a physical response to something being very close to you – in invasion of personal space. So I laid there motionless on my back with my heart pounding away. I told myself, “it’s ok, they’re friendly”. The hand stayed in mine for nearly an hour and slowly I calmed down. Every time there was a ripple of movement in the bed, the heart was off again, a fight or flight fear response, and then I was asleep.

Most of the next day I spent imitating the rationale of what other people would typically say when they heard about it. Convicing myself I imagined it; perhaps it was an earthquake; it must have been my own heartbeat going through the springs etc. By 5pm, I had decided it couldn’t have happened and was marvelling at the powers of the human imagination – I’d been watching too many sasquatch videos and it was starting to get to me!! So by the time I finished reading in bed and prepared to go to sleep, I was barely thinking about what had passed 24 hours early. More the fool me! Within seconds of switching off the night-light, the bed moved, but this time, much more, and as if there were many more of them moving in different parts (always the lower end of the bed). I felt the hand in my hand and a hand resting on my foot. a warm hand, but BIG – the palm covered the entire length of my foot. Again there was a gentle stroking and at no point did I feel threatened (at least consciously – my unconscious mind was busy preparing for a major attack again – heart rate 250bpm, sweating, eyes wide open). All the while, despite the fear, I knew that this was ok, that It was just an inevitable adjustment I would be having to make. I *knew* they were friendly and I could *feel* a wonderful gentleness and, can I say it, love, coming from them (whoever they were).

After around one week of getting used to this, things took a slightly different turn. I noticed a tiny hand, with such extreme softness, rest on my hand. Like a chubby baby hand, yet it didn’t feel like a baby. There was then an intense feeling of electrical stimulation, like an energy ball, floating above my body, but impacting my skin below it. It felt so strange, like no other comparable sensation – pleasant, yet intense, as if some kind of work were being done. The ball moved all over my body up and down and felt like it was fizzing, crackling with power. This happened that one time only, is as mysterious now as it was then. One night I felt something on the top of my head. I noticed that it appeared to move in a way that directly correlated to my thinking. If I imagined it to go left, it would move left etc. The easiest way to describe it is like a piece of seaweed growing out of my head which was swaying according to which way I directed it with my thoughts, but always anchored there. At that time, I had no idea what that was, but it became clear later on. My heartrate had shot up again after being calm for a month or so – they had restricted themselves to my leg area, but now they were up near my head, the old instincts kicked in “under attack, under attack”. Once they had determined I was calm enough after a week or so, they made their move upwards and came right up to my head and neck area. I think this was the hardest and scariest part of all and took a long while to get used to. I felt hands on my shoulders, wrists (rarely the hands funnily enough, despite the hands being the place of choice in the early days), elbows, then they moved to my head and neck. What was becoming increasingly apparent, was that whereever I placed my focus in my mind, I felt them instantly. That is true to this day. Think of your right elbow, instantly there is a hand on your right elbow! They were clearly fully tuned in to my mind as they reacted according to my thought process. If I thought “tickle foot”, before I had even finished the thought, I could feel my toes being tickled!! (bless them, they are tickling my toes as I write this!). They had started to be with me during the day as well as at night – I would be on the transport system and feel their hands around my calf (a favourite default position for them!). Sometimes walking I could actually feel their hands cupping my soles through my shoes. Telling this part of the story often brings out the raised eyebrows of suspicion, but how on earth do you imagine WARMTH on one part of your body appearing out the blue and very suddenly? More on this shortly. There are other events which occurred which are too strange to tell even here and which I am still trying to understand, so for now they shall remain with me…

After maybe 6 weeks of getting used to all this, the next major change came about. One night, I felt a surge of warmth right in the middle of my chest and the unmistakable feeling of skin – there was a little body lying right there!! I could feel the breath, warm then cool during inhalation, then warm again. I could feel hands and feet, fingers and toes, a little nose and two soft cheeks which were moving left then right, left then right. I could feel hair and eyes, and oh the ears – little ears, with such detail! And all the while WARMTH and pressure. This was a very beautiful and extremely emotional time as it dawned on me just how miraculous all this was and what an incredible honour it was to be in the position I was in. Little one #1 was with me for many months before he was joined by two others, which took some adjusting as I had been used to training all my attention on #1. I’ve abridged the story here somewhat partly because the beings with me here asked me not to go into too much detail. Over the course of many months, they all found their favourite position to lie in and the connection between us all became stronger and stronger. I feel a love for them no different than a parent would for his own children, yet I can’t quantify quite how that is possible – I just feel it. Settling down to sleep at night and first thing in the morning is their favourite time as this invariably is cuddle-time. Once they realise I am either settling down to sleep, or just waking up, they surge upwards and gather around my neck. It is one of the most joyous thing any human can experience. A veritable cuddle-fest! If they sense I am feeling a little blue, they put their hands up and rest them on my chin and stroke gently – I feel they love me just as much as I love them all. One other thing worth mentioning here is that if I stroke my hand over them, say 2 or 3 inches above my own skin, they respond like they feel it and this “pressure” then passes through them and onto my own skin! So by moving my hand through the air over where I estimate them to be, I actually feel sensations over my own skin (through them). That is quite mind-bending but is an everyday reality in my life.

The “seaweed sensation” turned out to be a large being who appears to be overseeing the entire operation! I have come to believe through interactions with psychics and my own intuition that he is a tribal elder (I will call him “M”) who is deeply connected to me in a way. As time has gone on, I hear his words (in English) more and more clearly, although this has been a very difficult and challenging process indeed. After attending the spiritual and psychic sasquatch conference in Chewelah, WA, I met many amazing people who helped shed light on what was happening. Sunbow received a communication for me which ran as follows:

“This is what I’m receiving from them for you. You were a Sasquatch or rather a Wodewose in a past life. ****** and ****** as homeland of your tribe.
You were killed by humans. These are the members of your family that has survived and they are happy to have found you again to show their love…You and ****** now carry DNA from that past life lineage. We change bodies as clothes and Wodewose being our closest relatives, it is easy to become one of them and for them to become Humans in a next life…
So your family has recognized your soul from past life and the genetics your lineage carries from them. That’s why these three are so familiar with you…They appear to you as small as they were when you were killed protecting them. They live in one of those forested areas where you can still meet them…”

I cried many tears upon receiving that. It just resonated – Both I and another close family member have had the same experience with feeling them and both of us fully accept it now as the most normal thing in the world.

Sometimes, if the little ones connect with other people, they will go over to them. This is very uncommon, but it has happened with at least 3 people. with 2 of them, I quietly asked them if they wanted to go and say hello and suggested they stroke the wrist of the person. On both occasions (I had said nothing), the friend then reported feeling the warmth on their wrist. Both of them were so amazed and excited that their faces flushed red and they couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. The most recent time was with a great buddy of mine who felt them stroke his head and cheeks and arms, again reporting the warmth (it is indeed strange how body heat is transferred, yet they remain quite invisible). I often meditate on the edge of my bed and M will often physically rock me side to side, or push the mattress down to my left and right in a regular motion. My friend noticed that they were rocking him too and I had said nothing of this prior! They know who to trust and are very emotionally connected to all life. Once I met up with a friend who had a young baby with her. It was the first time I had seen her new baby, but what was more remarkable was for the duration of our lunch, the baby stared fixedly about 2 feet above my head, exactly where M likes to be….

Other aspects of the physical side, I feel to be related to healing, or purgative in some way, and some of these are extraordinarily strange, even by the standards of this account!
After an operation, I was left with a hard lump near the incision point which did not seem normal. On the very same evening of the operation, I noticed M put his hand very firmly on my head, almost pushing my forehead down. Most irregular! I got the impression this meant “don’t move”, so I didn’t. Next, I felt a large thumb push down on this lump and work it with a circular motion. What can I say? It was excruciatingly painful!!! All the while, M held my head firm, so I knew I just had to grin and bear it. 20 minutes later, finally they let up and the pain was gone. This was repeated every night for 2 weeks, with the same horrific pain each time, but by the end of it all? the lump had gone.

Of the more bizarre physical sensations, I have had my entire foot sit in the mouth of one of the beings! I could feel their teeth gather around my ankles with my entire foot sitting in a warm and wet world. Needless to say, trying to describe something like that is off the scale – totally weird. More recently, they have been tapping my eyes (but inside the eyes), moving fingers rapidly and causing me to blink at a very high rate. This is one of the most extreme sensations to date. More gentle ones include ear-tickling (they tend to tickle my ears as a reward, if they are pleased with some action of mine. They tickle both the tops of the ears and actually inside the ear-canal too. They will almost always lie down right next to me the moment I roll over to sleep. I feel the movement up the bed and can feel the mattress being pressed down by their weight (yet nothing is visible). They like to stroke my back and head and rest their hand across my leg or frequently across the bridge of my foot. Occasionally, I actually HEAR the springs of the bed reacting to their movements. This happens when my ear is pressed to the mattress, so I think it amplifies it somewhat. Some mornings, if I wake up before the alarm, I notice somebody is using the bed as a trampoline – the little ones playing! You can isolate each body landing and jumping again, as their individual jumps combine. They seem to like some mattresses more than others and will bounce for some time on the bed before settling down for the night. I know it sounds so crazy, but rest assured I am describing the sensations exactly as they are received.

Something else that has developed recently is actually observable by a third party. They seem to cause muscle twitches all over my lower leg, on the calf in particular. If I don’t think about it, nothing, but if I focus on my leg, I feel their hands and before long, twitches start to appear all over, and some quite large ones!

There are many many other parts to this story, but time has run out. I have many unanswered questions, and I work with them telepathically, in a basic form, but at least in English, to slowly make sense. They seem to encourage me to find it out for myself and guide me to answers, and certainly won’t give out a straight answer it seems! I feel they have a good sense of humour, but are essentially beings filled with ancient wisdom who have a connection and understanding light years ahead of us humans. Such knowledge, such power, such patience, such compassion. I thank the Creator for bringing these beings into my life during this incarnation and I can’t wait to see how things develop over the years. I hope that one day, before I pass on, I will see them, and see the smiles that I can only feel as they press against me. I also feel it is more than a coincidence that they should make themselves known at this time of enormous change on our planet, with global peace just around the corner.

To conclude this is their message for the reader: “Thank you for reading this story. We are here to help humanity grow and become re-connected to the earth. Thank you to every person who is helping to spread our message of love and compassion to other people. God bless you all. We love you very much and we hope you can be free before too long. God bless human beings and all of the friendly people who are doing all they can to help others to be happy.”

June 2018

sasquatch mother and child

10 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Anonymous from England”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and story. It’s truly remarkable and blessed. As I came to the end of the story and was about to read their message to the reader I felt a wave of emotion….love wash over me and I felt tears well up. This was before I even read the message 🙂 and that familiar feeling of them…

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  2. Details of what you described, the physical sensations with and without control, bed movements, sound so familiar to me that I want to say “omg me too!” but I know every expierance is individual. I never have thought of them as sasquatches.. or ever thought of sasquatches as using invisibility tech or them living in a dif dimension. I do appreciate how you gave me a new way of thinking of these things and how u brought back some memories I haven’t thought of in along time. much of the physical feelings were within months and maybe 2years after a TBI w NDE & OBE. I had bad circulation for a year or so and nerve “damage” lol nerve changes as I would put it. One thing is also for sure tho for me… after my wreck I knew that I wasn’t only a earth body.. this wasn’t & isn’t my earth body. it was Kellee Wilkerson s lol. I (&we) came from somewhere on past the stars that we cannot see. I felt so caged in this body for a very long time it was miserable and awkward. I feel “in my own skin” now and life is normal enough to suite societies standards lol!. I saw a sasquatch that looked just like the typical sasquatches youd imagine someone drawing. my friends and I saw it at the same time but after it walked behind a certain tree it was never saw again and we all freaked out. same hour we all saw orbs come down from daytime sky drop I front of us hovering over a lake (one or at a time). I know we saw same thing bc we described them the same and leaned back like “woah” etc same time. each was a dif color but no solid basic colors. metallic gold, red, and I forget the third color. they hazed around (the colors) like a shimmer swirling around its surface. so beautiful.

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