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The Blue Energy

The other day in meditation I was expanding my blue Arcturian energy. Sitting there with my eyes closed I could see the blue energy coming and going in waves a lot like the Sasquatch’s energy fluctuate as they fade in and out. I then saw half of a black silhouette of a head with an ear. It was human looking and then I heard “Use the blue energy and shield you”. So I did. I focused on permeating myself with my blue energy encapsulating myself within it. Then the silhouette left. I was then told it was just and exercise. I also was told that as I learned to manipulate and control the blue energy the color would darken from light blue to a rich dark blue like in this picture. I played around with it some more and got the color to turn dark blue for a few seconds at a time 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Blue Energy”

  1. When the blue energy started to move in, I instinctively started wearing my denim shirt on early morning walks. I hardly ever wear this shirt but it feels wonderful and somehow very protective. Many of us have been drawn to the darker blues lately…..even picking out a much needed new spatula, I had to have the blue (smiling)……Love to all souls, everywhere.

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