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The Sasquatch tipi is up again!…

By SunBôw
The Sasquatch tipi is up again!
It’s getting nicer and nicer in the backyard here. Medicine lodges pop up and circles gather us in higher vibes. This is what a spiritual, loving, peaceful community looks like. Thanks to Jonathan for the Sasquatch ceremony and for providing me with the tipi poles.
Wind is a young medicine man from the Dene Nation of northern BC. When he was a child, he used to play with the Sasquatch kids and the mom washed him in the lake and carried him on her shoulder. He has had a life long experience of close encounters and communications with the Sasquatch People, and many great stories to tell. We share this knowledge in our ceremonies. He will not share his knowledge on camera, as he says their tradition is oral, but we will record some Sasquatch songs in the coming days.
Giving thanks to Great Spirit, our Elders and all our relations. Blessings to all…

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