Spirit of the Sasquatch. A message from the High Council of Elders

Greetings. We are the Sasquatch High Council of Elders. We are twelve total and Mike is aware of two of us known to him as Kamooh and Kishcheck. The others of us have not been revealed to him at this time. We have come to him today to send an important message. We are currently in physical form atop Mt. Adams. Sitting in a sacred circle on a beautiful grassy spot we collectively send a message of love and guidance from us your elder brothers to all who call us friends.
Do not confuse why we chose Michael to receive this message at this time. He knows we are with him as we have sent a rare white hawk as a symbol of our walk with him. It matters not who we choose to have as our messengers but it does matter if you are willing to hear our message with your heart. Only you can open yourself to our spirit and our message by listening to your heart. Only the pure in heart will be great messengers of the Sasquatch People. We see deep within you and know your feelings, fears, intentions, and motives. You cannot lie to us like you lie to one another. For our ways have been kept sacred and true to our greater soul. We have not strayed from our soul evolution like you our little brothers have. We know each of you who seeks a relationship with us. We see your impatience and your desire to be with us. Let us tell you now that we come to you when you are best ready. Frustration and angst will on delay our meeting. We look for an emotionally evolved soul to be our messenger. But we also will not turn away from a soul in need if they desire help. Be patient as many of you have and talk to the ones among you who now speak with us and let them tell you of their patience. Value and hold close to your heart your unique relationship with us as we interact with you in many different ways. Ways that play on your personal strengths. Do not look at a brother and feel jealous at their progress. Do not look at a sister and wish you had what they have. Look right in front of you. We are there waiting for you. Waiting for you to stand proud with us.
It is true. We have been around for a very long time. We have seen many things come and go and your people wax and wan like the moon. Our people have been on several other planets and been apart of many conflicts and great transitions. We have kept our close relationship with our star elders and assisted when they needed us. But we are not collectively gathered to talk about us. We are here and sending this message because of the great urgency of your people. There is many things you are unaware of that are going on. The lower lords are hard at work trying to keep you in the dark with how they are manipulating your species. To tell you every way they are manipulating your body and mind is not why we are here today. Yes, there is great urgency on both sides to either keep you asleep and as slaves or to awaken you and free you from bondage. We are here as well as many star races, inner earth races, and others to help you wake up. Our people have been instructed to speed up our message to your people. To connect with more and more of your people to bring the message of love and unity. To urge you to stop hurting this planet and yourselves. To stop seeing yourselves as superior to other life forms. To stop killing each other for material things. To love one another and to love all life. To veer away from your technology before it rules you. To stop squabbling about resources that will never run out. To treat your young with respect and not with your anger. To listen to your inner self and let it guide you instead of your next paycheck. We as your elder brothers once stood together as one. We urge you seek those ways once again. Spread our message to whomever will listen. Tell them of us and that we love you. Tell them of the Spirit of the Sasquatch. We are always with you. We are in the breeze that blows by you. We are the distant call at night. We are that feeling you get while walking on the trail. We are that dream you had last night. We are that white hawk you saw. We are the friendly tap on your window. We are gift we leave behind. We are protection when you walk in the forest. We are this message you are reading now. So from us twelve from the High Council of Elders we say to you never forget we are watching. We are just a thought away and as your elder brothers we send this message with much love and compassion for your people. We will continue to send messages until your people awaken from your slumber. So messengers, continue to send our message. Friends of ours, continue to meet us with your heart and we will meet you with ours. We collectively say goodbye for now and we will see you in the forest.

25 thoughts on “Spirit of the Sasquatch. A message from the High Council of Elders”

  1. Great to hear this from the Sasquatch Elders. Are they living and working in Northern Arizona? I am headed there specifically to be closer to nature and the tall pines.

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      1. Once I started walking with them in the early morning hours, they have guided me to leave my area and move to Northern Arizona. It’s interesting because I had no interest whatsoever in North AZ, and then one day I woke up and the perfect house appeared there and my urge to move there has grown every day. It is their wisdom and influence which has told me this will be the correct spot for me at this time in the ascension process. I would love to hear more about your experiences with them there……Thank you.

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      2. That is awesome!! I am glad you listened to their urging. You will find that they have knowledge of the future and see where you are heading and help in some ways.

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  2. Beautiful message Mike. Their message of Love is always constant and persistent. We are truly blessed to have them as our Elder Brothers.

    Thank you Dear Brother for bringing this message to us 😊😊🙏🙏❤️❤️

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  3. Reblogged this on patrickfranck and commented:
    Dear fellow brothers and sisters, what is the meaning of this phrase…To stop squabbling about resources that will never run out? Can we – if everything is ( part of) consciousness- suppose that all things/beings/matter/ resource will take care of themselves?

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    1. Hi Patrick, from what understand from this statement is that if we switch to renewable resources and free energies, Humanity will have no reason to keep fighting wars over limited resources like oil and minerals…

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    1. What they meant by that is they gave me the feeling of when kids fight over nonsensical things. We too often focus on material items and try to hoard and keep to ourself thinking there is not enough to go around but all shared there would be plenty.


  4. AWESOME, I feel what you transmit here….I desire so to interact with them….they are our ancestors! Are you the Mike that has videos from Canada on private property and have taped a family there? Thanks again and many blessings to you and yours and everyone on the earth and elsewhere! Always remember Happiness & Joy = Smiles & Hugs


      1. Just went to you channel and saw the list…looks like you are in tune and blessed. I am proud of you for taking time in life to watch with your Spirit, look with your eyes and listen with your ears and heart. They totally feel your inner being…even Jesus said in the Bible to watch, look and listen and we would KNOW the truth and the truth would set us free. So you DO see my friend how the KINGDOM of Source Creator is within. Proud to know you and thank you for sharing!

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      2. Thank you! The ascended being known on Earth as Jesus is a close friend of mine. I was a friend of his during his mission on Earth. He comes to me in meditation and his love is great.


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