Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Deborah Matthews

By Deborah Matthews

I am so excited to be going to this Spiritual event on my birthday this year!! Something I’ve been waiting for since I was 17.

Some of you may know that when I was 17, four of us school friends were on the way through Live Oak Canyon were we were to meet with friends when we saw a “Big Foot” or Sasquatch run in front of the car right in front of us; jumping two fences that the driver went back the next day and measured to be 6 foot tall on the right and 5 foot on left. at the time; Barbed-wire. It occurred around the largest curve in the canyon as we came out of it. He jumped over them like a small hurdle with ease. At the time we were all freaked out, and after we got to the house of the friend I could not stay; I had to be taken home. I’ve learned through Kelly Lapseritis and Kewaunee Lapseritis who are putting on this event below that they are benevolent beings that are keepers of the earth. They have been here since the beginning of time. And we share some of the same DNA.


Since my interest in all of this, I’ve had communication with them in dreams and physically in the house recently too.

I’d just gone to bed and turned off the light. Then two knocks on my bedroom door and a box inside my room 20 inches long fell on the floor. I sat up very fast knowing no one was in the house. I picked up the box and with great hesitation, LOL opened the door to my bedroom. Nothing there. I carefully walked around the house and no one was inside and doors locked. I went back to bed and told my self to get a Grip as I knew exactly who it was. The young Sasquatch love to play jokes and play. They do not harm. They are telepathic and can shapeshift into animals. I get close animal encounters all the time. They cloak themselves and are dimensional beings. They can pop in and out whenever they wish. I took photos of my room that night and it was confirmed they were in there. If you have an eye for seeing things like this it is easy. I can. And I had someone else confirm.

I had a lucid dream a few weeks ago with a Young Sasquatch in my dream. He and I touched hands; I first and them him. And I wrapped my fingers around his hand he did the same to me. They are loving beings here to assist all of humanity.

The Sasquatch are also healers. Kewaunee has been healed by them. When I attended a spiritual event in San Diego a couple years ago I had a visit. I now believe was a Sasquatch. I was in a Motel 6 one am just woke up and I tossed off the covers because I was hot. I was still half awake when a spiritual being lifted my right leg up and down three times. This is within the last year and a half since I fell doing the splits and ripped my hamstring, ligaments in knee and butt and badly bruised my right shin to the point it was so hot to the touch and it hurt to touch. No doctors could say anything was wrong with my leg for over a year. Xrays and MRI on shin “nothing wrong with you” Over and over nothing wrong. BS I am not limping and having pain for nothing.

Finally yesterday I got a 2nd opinion on my X-rays and MRI and this 2nd Orthopedic Doctor said I see two things wrong with your leg. Of course, I have healed most of it since 1-1/2 years ago but he said I have a ripped meniscus and arthritis a bit due to the trauma my leg endured. Plus I was not allowed to use the crutches at work that the ER gave me. I had to walk without assistance. Luckily I have a sit-down job but the chair hurt just sitting in it. I could not drive my new SUV 4 months. I had to take the bus to work. I don’t miss work for anything. I am a work-a-holic.

Believe it or not or don’t believe it. It’s completely up to each person. Non-believers don’t believe because they have never had a contact. Human beings need physical evidence to believe and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I am very open about my personal Spiritual experiences and am humbled that I have been chosen to have a connection with the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch can teach us so much. They have families and they live in a different dimension (yes there are more dimensions – it’s where your loved ones go when they pass – many levels of dimensions)

The Sasquatch are like humans they are people not apes like some would like to believe or think. They have different types of Sasquatch depending upon where you live. Just like we have different races. Up north, like Oregon up to Canada, they have darker hair. The one we saw was lighter brown almost golden. I was told he was from the San Bernardino Mountains. Yes, they have hair, not fur. Some have human-looking faces and these are the Ancient Ones. It was an Ancient One that was standing in my bedroom that night. There were others by the door some young Sasquatch.

Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis have some great educational books on the Sasquatch from their own personal experineces.

The Sasquatch groups I am in are a “no kill” (shoot) Sasquatch.
We do not believe in Capturing or hurting our “Relatives” You heard me right.

When we leave this world we all know the truth again. The truth we were supposed to come here and “Remember” Our memories are taken from us when we are born. This is because we have been given Free Will. We do not remember so that we can learn from our Earthly lives what and who we really are.

My story and love sharing it. All my personal experiences will be in my long awaited book I will be writing soon. 

Love my Sasquatch Family   

The speakers and workshop presenters for this event include:

Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH– Master Herbalist, Dowser, and Author of “The Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People”
Kelly Lapseritis– Sasquatch and Star Elder Communicator, Author, and Clairvoyant
SunBôw– Shamanic Practitioner & Author of “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” Book 1 and 2
Clifford Mahooty – Grandfather Zuni Pueblo Elder and Engineer
Christina Schwind– Multi-Dimensional Activator and Accelerator and Light Body Healer
Georgeanna DeCarlo – QHHT Practitioner, Author, and Sasquatch Communicator
Garrett Duncan– Navajo Shaman and Teacher
Gayle Fowler – Master Teacher in Reiki and the Feather Way and Sasquatch Channeler
Su Walker– Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive & White Otter – Shamanic Practitioner
And more to be announced!

More info.



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