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Experiencer story, by Sweetlove Tarot

By Sweetlove Tarot

I was left a gift by a Sasquatch. It was in the same week I heard whoops coming from an area near the Chehalis river in a tiny town far from much of anything. I asked some friends who can sense these things if the Sasquatch people were in my area and they both agreed that they were there. The gift was a quartz crystal. I found it on a side table next to my loveseat in my living room. I had one quartz crystal already but I knew this wasn’t the one I had. The one that was left for me was longer and had another small crystal forming on one of it’s sides. I’ve since learned that this is called a bridge crystal and it mean to help bring things together. A psychic friend told me that a Sasquatch left to for me and that I was to make a necklace out of it.

A few months later I was having some energy work done by a man who (with the help of spirit guides and a dowsing rod) was able to ask questions and get answers. He said he could not sense my energy and asked if I had some kind of protection. I explained that I wasn’t aware of any. Then using the dowsing rod he narrowed it down to a crystal.

So I told him about the piece of quartz and how it came into my possession. He had me take if off to see if it changed how he perceived me and only with this crystal off could he read my energy. Using the dowsing rod he investigated further and told me that it had been giving the power it has now, thousands of years ago when it was in a different form. That is protected me from negative forces. Since that time 3 other quartz crystals have just appeared in my things. I now have 5 and besides the one I wear I always have the others on my table when I do a reading. I feel very fortunate to have them.

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