Thanksgiving Prayer, my birthday blessings, Love to All…

By SunBôw

O Great Spirit Creator,

I humbly thank You for this new day You give me with the precious blessing of life, allowing me to contemplate the wonders You created, to partake for another day into your Plan of Creation, and to find my place in the Great Circle of all living beings, as the two-legged Human child You have made me.

Admiring the starry skies beyond the Milky Way, I see the grandeur of your realm, and realize how small and feeble You have made me, a little speck of star dust lost in an infinite Omniverse of realities.

Wondering at the tiniest of your creatures, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees fluttering among the various flowers of your gardens, I see the beauty and grace of your Love, and how great You have made me.

You have not given me a permanent home base, but the desire to find refuge in your Omnipresence.

You have not given me a tribe, but the knowing that all your creatures are relatives of One Family.

You have not given me social status or security, but the feeling of Oneness shared with many allies.

You have not given me material wealth, but spiritual treasures of experiences, teachings and gifts.

You have not made me rich or powerful, but gifted me with faith in your will and power to serve You.

You have not given me much to carry on this journey, but You have carried me in carrying your gifts.

For all these many blessings beyond my limited understanding, I am forever grateful and thankful.

If You grant me another day, or another year of living on this beautiful home-planet, help me make it the best ever towards the accomplishment of your greater plan, in humble and devoted service to You.

Help me be a blessing for my relations and all of your creatures, a good ancestor leaving useful tracks.

Name, role, appearance, are but passing clouds in an endlessly changing sky where only soul remains.

As the life of a man is but a breath dissolving in mighty winds, or a drop of rain swallowed by the ocean, please accept my soul as it flies to your eternal life, when my journey on this plane is completed.

Without the Wholeness of your Oneness, I am nothing but a dot.
With You I am One with the Eternal.



Sacsayhuaman-el shaman

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Prayer, my birthday blessings, Love to All…”

  1. Thank you for sharing with the growing family, embracing from the well of knowledge from creative source spirit, expressing truth from the blessed vessel…. l as a learning student am thankful for your message as l gained something truly profound….
    thank you… peace brother!

    Liked by 1 person

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