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Sasquatch Provincial Park and Harrison Hot Springs, the ”Sasquatch Capital of the World”

By SunBôw

Sasquatch Provincial Park and Harrison Hot Springs, the ”Sasquatch Capital of the World”

Harrison Hot Springs is a tourist resort town in south-western British Colombia, which is dubbed the ”Sasquatch Capital of the World”, not only because of the large amount of reported encounters in this region bordering the Fraser Valley, but also and mainly because the municipality has been hosting the annual Sasquatch Days, a Native led event organized by the local and neighboring Coast Salish tribes who have to this day honored the Sasquatch in their ceremonies and kept friendly contacts with them. So apart from the hot springs, Sasquatch has become the main thematic for the local tourist industry and effigies are displayed around town and inside of the tourist information office.

This led to the creation of the nearby Sasquatch Provincial Park, which I visited last year on my birthday. I wrote before detailed accounts of this story online as in the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, so I will just tell a brief version here. After ending up on a pretty small crowded campground with noisy campers all around, I thought nothing would happen there. But soon after dark, a Sasquatch came down from the mountain, sending calls on the way which I recognized, but to which no one paid any attention.

Some 15 minutes later, he was on the outskirts of the campground and released a loud howling that had everybody listen and wonder. In the next camping site by the beach, a little girl asked her dad what it was and he hesitantly replied: ‘uh… maybe a Sasquatch’. So the little girl got afraid and screamed: ‘No! No! Go away!’. That is when the Sasquatch released a very loud and long howled complaint full of emotions and meaning.

Within a minute, everybody on site had ran into hiding in their campers or vehicles, turned every light off and the whole campground suddenly became dead quiet. The Sasquatch then walked across the campground calling hoots out loud as he went.

That is when I heard branches cracking near my camp site and soon felt the presence f Kamooh, who had come to visit with the local clan Elder we had just heard. He told me that they can surprise me and teach me in ways I can’t even expect. But also that out of the many who became experiencers of a Sasquatch encounter that night, there might be hardly any if not close to none who will admit in their own consciousness of the reality of the event, instead of denying it, explaining it away or brushing it off through their selective memory in the very common process known as cognitive dissonance, consisting in seeing what we don’t know as non existing or what we don’t understand as impossible. I as most experiencers, know very well of this cognitive dissonance process, having had to undergo its influence on the way of discovery of interdimensional aspects of existence that our consciousness was not aware of until experiencing phenomena.

Having taken a day off from work today allowed me to share this brief post. Blessings…


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