Rise up Humans. Awaken.

We are so special and protected. If you could possibly see behind the curtain so to speak and see all the workings going on with concern for the human race you would be humbled. Our star brothers and sisters love us very much and are lovingly watching us. The universe and galaxy is so vast with millions of star races and ships. We are but a grain of sand within the universe but there is so much care taken by the star elders to lovingly watch over us and diligently seek to guide us out of the mess we are in. With most of us unaware as they help us to ascend to higher consciousness the awakening is well underway. More and more sightings are being observed. More people are being contacted and sharing their stories. More people are realizing their part in the awakening. More of us are coming together as the devine plan is coming together. We are slowly waking up to our true potential. Realizing who we really are and not who we were told to be. Love is the guiding message here and that energy is permeating Gaia. Gaia senses it and her energy is ramping up. The great orchestra playing the sweet melody of remembrance is playing all together. Nothing can stop it. Not even the lower energies which scramble with fear. They should be afraid. Because the beauty and magnificence of the human race is rising. The human race is responding and will not become slaves forever. We are humans. We will not be told what to do. We will allow our minds to be numbed. We will rise up and take our place in the universe along with the other perfect and powerful devine beings. We are the Humans of Gaia.

10 thoughts on “Rise up Humans. Awaken.”

  1. I love it! 😊 I have finally met my Star Brother a few weeks ago and I immediately began to cry for I have been so afraid that I was all alone here in this Physical Realm. I have been searching, praying to find someone, anyone who can help me, who can save me. My Energy has been drained to the point of almost Light Extinction 😭 I am desperately seeking Guidance, Love and Prayers. PLNR 💖💖💖💖

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