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Experiencer story, by Jason West, from Quinault, Washington

By Jason West

Hi SunBôw. Thank you for providing this resource for the experiencer community!

I’ve had numerous experiences with Sasquatch/Skookum, and have had numerous stories handed down to me through tribal (Quinault) elders and friends. There is one experience I would like to focus on:

I currently live outside of a small town on the southern edge of the Olympic mountains. The north and west side of the property is covered with woods, a creek, and a mixture of wooded/logged hills beyond. The woods on the property contain many old growth red cedar and spruce; definitely a grove.

I tend to spend a lot of time in or near the woods, day and night. One night I came out of the barn after a workout, and decided to stop and listen, sniff the air, and just get a body reading for a bit in the inky blackness of the moonless sky. Before long I started to hear a conversation in the woods, just on the opposite bank of the creek. It wasn’t the low, garbled, primate-like speech that the BFRO people tend to describe. This was an very intelligent language with pronunciations and sounds that my stiff tongue certainly can’t replicate; and it wasn’t similar to any human language that I have heard so far. As noted, it wasn’t low sounding, but rather my intuition and thought told me that it was an adult female and a juvenile that were talking, and that they were doing it there somehow for my benefit. After a very exciting 10 minutes or so, I decided that my 4 year old daughter needed to hear it (I had already started telling her about Sasquatch). I quickly but calmly went in and got her and brought her out. Initially when we came back out, they weren’t talking. I just told Isis to listen. No more than a minute went by when they started talking again. Isis was close enough that I could see her eyes get really big. She wasn’t afraid because I’ve always taught her and my other kids that we don’t need to be afraid of Sasquatch.

After another 5 minutes or so, the talking subsided. We listened a little longer and, not hearing anything further, went in.

I feel they used this physical language for my benefit because I’m telepathically dense. But it certainly wasn’t something that sounded like a ‘lower’ primate, but rather a very advanced tongue. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

In a couple other experiences I’ve encountered a very distinct smell, but it had nothing to do with feces, garbage, or rotting death like some people describe. It was a very pleasant smell, somehow a mixture of the best forest smells, honey, the sweetness of skunk cabbage, and something like smelling the concept of ‘home’ or ‘family’. What’s up with that?

One other thing that I’ve noticed with some encounters is the presence of owls (plural) before or after. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts.

You mentioned Little People in your May 18, 2018 post, “Shamanic Journey… Salish Sea.” I’ve talked to a few people about my (and a friend’s) experience seeing a Little Person, but haven’t heard any other stories in return, just some general acknowledgement of their existence.

Let me tell you the story.

A friend and I decided to go for a late evening drive through the woods on the Quinault Reservation. Heading north out of the village of Taholah, you cross the Quinault River by way “the bridge”. It’s probably about 100m long or more. Before we can drive off the other side, right where bridge meets logging road, a very large (I would estimate 30”) white owl flies down right in the middle of the road, staying there for the next 10 to 15 minutes, not letting us pass. Finally it flies off and we continue our journey. A while later we are on a narrow logging road, doing about 25 mph, not talking, just listening to music. Out of the the grass on the side of the road darts a Little Person. Is there a better name we could use? Anyway, it looked like a dark, ripped Iggy Pop… tough, slim, wiry.

It seemed to have on some black tights (no, I’m not kidding), no shirt, longish black hair, maybe around 16” tall. It ran for maybe 50 ft along the side of the road. I didn’t decrease my speed just in case my friend wasn’t seeing it; I didn’t want to have to explain it! We both looked at each other out of the corner of our eyes, “Did you just…” “See that?! Yeah. I did” Our descriptions matched.

We hit Highway 101 east of the village of Queets, and continued east to Lake Quinault. The Lodge looked booked judging by all the vehicles outside. We went into the lobby looking to buy snacks. It was around 11:30 pm and we were hungry. For a half hour we waited in the lobby… not one person came by. Not staff, not guest, nobody. We made ourselves conspicuous. No response. We could have just stolen the snacks and anything else if we were so inclined. But we just left.

Continuing the loop around the Rez and heading back to Taholah, we took the Moclips Highway towards the coast. We were about to encounter the last strange occurrence of the night. Rounding a corner overhung on both sides by Alders, we startled a pure black wolf that was in the middle of the road. It spun around and ran off into the woods.

This experience, a UFO experience, a Skinwalker experience outside of Black Canyon City-AZ, numerous synchronistic events, and a host of other things all happened roughly within the same period. A period of profound growth on my path into Inner Alchemy and solitary shamanic training.

But getting back to these Little People; what can you tell me of them? What is their connection to Sasquatch? And what is the thread between the giant owl, being seemingly out of space and time in a public place, and a black wolf where wolves aren’t really known to be? I suspect we encountered a deep shaman, or even multiple shaman. Interestingly, one of my great-great-great grandfathers was one of the last (known) Chinook medicine men, went by the name Dr. Jack, and the first to be forcibly buried when he died rather than being put in a tree as per tradition.

SunBôw’s reply:

Greetings Jason. Thank you for sharing your interesting experiences with the community. To answer your questions, first about the language.

Many have reported hearing some Sasquatch using articulate language. I had a similar experience in the spring of 2015 on a remote lake of Vancouver Island, as I was just starting to reach out and connect with them. It sounded much like you describe, a conversation in an unknown non-human language, in the deep rainforest where no humans were. It seems like although the Sasquatch don’t need an articulate language to communicate between themselves, being gifted with telepathic abilities, they can use a spoken articulate language at time, mainly it seems within close family circles.

In a couple of other instance, I heard some conversations in non-human language between some star beings.  The Little People too can be heard conversing at times, according to witnesses accounts. There seems to be a vast  diversity of them also known as Elementals. They are part of the ancestral lore of countless ancient tribes around the world, just like Sasquatch and Star People, showing a clear consistency and correlation between the different traditional knowledge of distant tribes.

Finally, to address the topic of animals, the Sasquatch are the greatest shamans and they can sometimes travel in consciousness through animal allies or either shape-shift and take the forms of animals, which are less impressive for us when they show up then their Sasquatch form. I had first hand experiences that I shared in previous writings and heard as well other accounts of it. This specific ability has had them sometimes to be confused with the skinwalkers, another phenomenon related to ancient dark witchcraft practices, who are the cause of tragic events and disappearances too often blamed on the Sasquatch, as part of cover up and disinformation programs.

Hope this answers your questions. These topics are addressed in greater details in the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series. Best blessings on your quest…


4 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Jason West, from Quinault, Washington”

  1. Wonderful story, thank you for posting. I love that you are teaching your daughter to love the Sasquatch and not to fear them. So Beautiful. The Elementals used to be around much more but they have mostly moved away from people now. With all the noise and chaos people make, both them and the animals have become more nocturnal and moved more deeply into the wilderness. I’ve had little Elementals running around my living room, they’re quite brave entities considering I have big dogs……

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  2. Although the Sasquatch do mainly communicate telepathically because it transcends language, they do use language which sounds similar to some Native American languages. BTW, the story of the tower of babel is about humanity losing the use of our telepathy – that was the universal language once spoken by all, and now we are regaining it. Practice your telepathy, as it is the key to communicating, not just with the sasquatch, but with ET’s elementals, etc. There are five main sasquatch nations, and some are more advanced than others – the most advanced do interact with ET’s, and even have their own spacecraft. I had an experience on Mt Shasta in 2017 where I stood next to a large male and communicated telepathically with him for hours, followed by several of them coming around my vehicle where I was sleeping that night to do a healing on me, followed by a close-up UFO encounter the same night – I mean, the top of my vehicle disappeared and it decloaked right above me, lower than the treetops…I’ve done one radio interview about it so far, and wrote one piece. I didn’t even realize, at the time, that the UFO was directly connected to the sasquatch – I thought it was connected, but I didn’t know that the sasquatch are often seen with UFO’s and even have their own ships. Also, I believe the stench some people smell is purposely created by the sasquatch as a warning, to keep people away, when we venture to close to their homes & families. If they don’t perceive you as a threat, you won’t smell it. And skinwalkers can appear as anything – wolves, coyotes, owls, ravens, etc.

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