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Geoengineering: Covert ecocide and genocide (omnicide) in plain sight

By SunBôw

I stumbled upon this picture yesterday, posted by Grey Wolf, that cheered me up. Since a little humor never hurts, I used it for my new profile picture on FB, joking that I finally found a tribe I can fit in. 😀


But beyond the funny part, disclosure is not only about good news. Many first encounters are described in witnesses accounts as what might seem like territorial and unfriendly behaviors from the Sasquatch. Yet, there is a long history of interspecies relations that most Humans have forgotten, but that the Sasquatch very well remember.

Having had to protect themselves, their children and the environments since generations from hunting, logging, mining, damming, drilling, spills, pollution and other forms of destruction from Human activities, the Sasquatch can legitimately perceive Humans as destructive invaders constantly encroaching on all other life forms and vital territories, including their own species.

What the Sasquatch know that most Humans ignore is that there has been also a continuous covert genocide secretly conducted against their people by Human and non-Human warring organizations. Some whistle blowers like Michael Prince who underwent forced trauma and training in top secret super soldiers programs describe a covert war waged against non-Human species including Sasquatch.

In a world based on an economy or war, where war, weaponry, control, surveillance and dumbing down are the greatest expenses of societies, apart from the openly ongoing genocides of Human populations happening now in countries like Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar and elsewhere and the genocidal policies and practices perpetrated by colonialist powers, there is also a covert ecocide and genocide being carried through technological means like weather manipulations, direct energy weapons (DEW), arsons, chemtrails and deliberate poisoning of the last wilderness regions of this home-planet Earth.

It is easy enough, with a little observation, to notice the patterns of the so-called ‘wildfires’ plaguing this continent, especially in its north and west parts since a few consecutive years. They are generally lined up along the proposed pipeline routes or other fracking and mining projects, as to clear the path for the industrial corporate invasion, pushing off from their homelands the Sasquatch and the Native tribes who most often ‘coincidentally’ strongly opposed those pipelines, fracking and oil tankers projects.

I received and posted the following lines around the end of summer 2015, before they were published in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1: Conversations with Elder Kamooh, Chapter 11:

It is quite significant that the Indo-European lineage, being more closely related genetically to the Atlantean race, has been the main culprit of our genocide. And this genocide of my people goes along with that of your tribal peoples, just as with the ongoing ecocide or omnicide, being perpetrated intentionally by the lower powers enslaving our home-planet.”

”In what you call North America, my people could live along with your tribal peoples, until the European invasions started. Along with the tribes of your Indigenous peoples, just like with your Lemurian ancestry previously, my people was pushed ever further into the western and northern wilderness. The huge fires that caused terrible devastation in these areas this last season, are part of a greater secret plan to speed up the extermination of your tribal peoples, and of my people, your Elder. This ultimate aggression is intended to cut definitely your spiritual connection with our Star Elders.

The pattern of forest fires lined up along proposed pipeline routes repeats. The following spring (2016) there were records fires all across the continent, but most significantly were the disasters around Fort McMurray, the world capital of the most polluting tar sands industry and a major climate change factor. Over 100,000 became homeless, while the refineries and oil fields remained safe and protected.


It soon appeared clearly again that most fires were lined up along the planned pipeline route across northern Alberta through Fort St-John, fracking capital of BC and to the planned oil tanker terminal on the coast. BC Premier then said that this was the ‘new norm’ for climate change(rs?), but she resigned the following year, on the day after a huge pipeline contract she was pushing for was suddenly canceled.

2017 was even worse than the previous ones with so-called wildfires, across vast expenses of continent. The infamous California’s most destructive historic firestorms last fall, that turned Santa Rosa to ashes and left reports and evidences of highly suspicious man made disasters involving beam weapons, when cars and metal melted next to plastic bins and green trees left untouched, as microwaves would do.

CA fires DEWCA firesCA Santa Rosa 2017CA-fires-11

This summer 2018, fires started a little later, but they have once again spread and covered vast areas. But whether sadly or unsurprisingly, they still tend to line up along proposed major pipeline routes, clearing out the path for the industry through the Sasquatch forests and protected Native homelands.


BC fires on August 1st, 2018

BC pipelines wildfires-thursday Aug 1st 18

So although there are many other reasons for it, now you know why the Sasquatch can legitimately get pissed. And if you are not yet, it is because you are not paying attention. Our club is open to all who share this feeling, no registration, no card, no fees, no number. Just bring yourself into God’s Nature and turn you back on man made uncivilization. Free the Earth from bondage. Speak the truth and act. Disclosure is not always about good news. Share this post if you agree…

9 thoughts on “Geoengineering: Covert ecocide and genocide (omnicide) in plain sight”

  1. Hi Sun Bow. I was also wondering about the trees left alive. I’m very happy about that, of course. The Donnel fire is burning about 40 miles up the mountain from us and photos of the camps show burned cabins and standing green trees. Either trees are more resistant to super heated air than we think, or there’s a protection around them. Left to it’s own devices perhaps fire will mainly find old dead wood, like old cabins, and move on from there. I can’t explain the suburban fires though. You’re right, it’s strange. I’ve noticed that.

    Keep anchoring your infinite Light into the Earth’s energy grid. This is how we fight back if there is an effort to cause suffering. Unseat the shadows and resist the fear that ignorant ones try to instill. Everything is rising up to be healed. Thanks for your wisdom. 🙏

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