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A new breed on the WWW: the Woo Woo Woos (join the club :D )

By SunBôw

While mainstream Sasquatch / Bigfoot researchers and fans are still too often busy tracking the Forest People for evidence, either with guns or camera, experiencers and communicators who are learning first hand from the Sasquatch and other non-Human intelligence, about who they are and how to relate to them are often called woo woos.

Woo or woo woo is a pejorative term attributed to supernatural or paranormal explanations and to those who believe in these or in a spiritual dimension.

For instance, to share openly that I saw two impressive star ships last night, one bright large flaming rectangle flying off the mountain and later, a wide saucer type with many flashing lights manoeuvred swiftly a few zigzags before landing on the summit, or to say that I had a few Sasquatch encounters in the last days, visual, auditive and tactile, although it is true, it would be enough to have me called woo woo and put in a nut house.

But as we evolve in our experiences and understanding, mainstream calling us woo woo still remains in its primitive stage of search for proofs, often with the low consciousness killing approach for want of a corpse, feeding gross fears based in persisting ignorance.

But the collective consciousness slowly evolves and the new info and message shared to Humanity by Sasquatch is reaching ever further to undo misconceptions and open minds to the reality of the interdimensional Sasquatch and of peaceful interspecies relations.

More and more, even several mainstream researchers are starting to open up to the probability of Sasquatch being intelligent highly psychic beings with interdimensional abilities and likely related to paranormal activity involving portals, orbs and UFOs.

Although still a minority, I have seen more in the last couple years tan I can track who start to reconsider their long time held views about a big ape or a lost hominid species.

World famous Sasquatch researcher John Bindernagel, who passed last winter, spent decades in the field documenting footprint casts and witnesses accounts, but it was not until the end of his career that he had an encounter, which had him change his view.


He admitted in private to Kewaunee Lapseritis, major pioneer in the field of the psychic interdimensional Sasquatch People, that he knew they were psychic and telepathic, but could not admit it publicly for fear of losing his reputation and scientific career.

I have seen other similar examples of dedicated researchers who end up opening to the so-called woo woo possibilities, because after spending much time in the fields, they are the only explanations that make any sense, simply because they are the true facts.

A couple other examples worth citing are, first the case of Ron Morehead, another famous mainstream researcher who in the 1970’s came out with the Sierra Sounds or Sierra Recordings, analyzed by experts and considered by many as genuine Sasquatch vocals and language. After decades in the field, he started observing paranormal phenomenons like orbs and UFOs which had him write his last best seller entitled ‘Quantum Bigfoot‘, in which he wrote the following excerpts:

Chapter 4.

”So how does quantum physics relate to spirituality and Bigfoot? In my 45+ years of researching this phenomenon, I’ve heard several very strange reports. A few of these reports, from seemingly heartfelt people, claimed that these creatures disappeared. Is that even possible? Can the laws of quantum physics actually answer that question? Knowing what I know, I’m compelled to delve in and see. The accepted mathematics of quantum physics says that there is more going on than what we see with our three-dimensional eyes.”

”Scientists now know, through physics, that empty space (Dark Matter, Dark Energy) is not actually empty…however, it is a dimension existing outside of the human light spectrum and the observable vibrational frequency. It seems to me that classical science has restricted itself by its own disciplines and because of those disciplines, will never grasp the big picture. If we use the classical box to try and determine all that exists, we would never begin to understand the cosmos, e.g., the world of spirituality. The math of quantum physics indicates that there are at least eleven dimensions in existence…possibly innumerable. So, could the laws of quantum physics be the answer to the Bigfoot mysteries? If so, how do we move forward in that possibility? Is there really a possible physical connection that can take us to another realm of reality…something that is not really in woo-woo land, or that can only be found in church on Sunday by bowing our heads or…”


In an email that was forwarded to me, Ron Morehead wrote about his experiences with Al Berry, with whom he did the Sierra Recordings, in the following terms:

Al Berry wrote about orbs-like entities that were following the Johnson’s (above their heads) around the Sierra camp in his book, “Bigfoot,” which was co-authored with Ann Slate (Bantam,1976).  I’ve noted strange lights there also…one as recently as 2016.  It was an elongated white light (about 3 feet) and slowly floated by us (about 40 yds).  We watched it for several seconds as it slowly moved through the trees.  During the 70s Bill McDowell and I witnessed a large pale blue light—very large and round—moving down from the night sky.  We lost sight of it behind the trees.  It was controlled…all this during the time we were encountering BFs.   The list goes on-and-on with strange anomalies at that camp. 

If however, you’d like to see pictures, Joe Hauser (Wildlife Biologist), who owns the Montana Vortex has several pictures that I will forward to you.  Today he told me that you could contact him directly with any questions.

I applaud your attempt to sway classical science from their disciplinary field.  However, if the answer to this and other associated enigmas surrounding BFs lie within the quantum field of understanding, it cannot be held within the same structure as many scientists have been trained to trust.  


The email was addressed to Dmitri Bayanov, a Russian researcher and former director of the Institute of Hominology of Moscow, (prior to Dr Igor Burtsev who will again attend the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat this year). Dr Bayanov is the other example I wanted to mention, as it is surprising to see he forwarded this. Dmitri wrote to me a few times three years ago asking me a series of inquisitive questions and proofs of my experiences, in a somewhat indelicate manner which had me reply this letter to him:

My reply to a Bigfoot researcher asking for scientific proofs

It is nice to see that Dr Bayanov, in spite of his previous skepticism, seems to find out with time that indeed, the Sasquatch are not only very intelligent, but also highly telepathic and psychic beings, which explains the interdimensional phenomenons.

Dr Igor Burtsev (photo)  might have influenced Dr Bayanov’s mind opening.

igor burtsev cool

So in short, at a time when quantum science converges with ancient mystical wisdom, our collective consciousness rises into higher understanding allowing us to awaken to the Multiverse and to interdimensional non-Human intelligent beings like Sasquatch.

Maybe the woo woo stuff will end up becoming mainstream, when we open our minds…



Definition of Woo Woo…

Wiktionary: Etymology: Uncertain. It has been suggested that “woo woo” is intended to imitate the eerie background music of sci-fi/horror films and television shows.

Noun: 1- (slang) A person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. 2- Those beliefs.

Adjective: 1-Supernatural, unreal.

Skeptic’s Dictionary: Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers. When used by skeptics, woo-woo is a derogatory and dismissive term used to refer to beliefs one considers nonsense or to a person who holds such beliefs.

Sometimes woo-woo is used by skeptics as a synonym for pseudoscience, true-believer, or quackery. But mostly the term is used for its emotive content and is an emotive synonym for such terms as nonsense, irrational, nutter, nut, or crazy.

Merriam-Webster: woo woo: dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific

Thesaurus: woo-woo, adjective (derogatory, slang) based on or involving irrational superstition

Urban Dictionary: woo woo Unfounded or ludicrouse beliefs
Belief in talking to the dead, belief in telikenesis, in fact any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.

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    1. Thank you for offering. Your writings are nice and certainly welcome, if related and relevant to this platform. It might take me a little delay to proceed as I receive much mail and am getting back on a full time schedule in town tomorrow. But your submissions are welcome…


      1. Okay. Just trying to get a feel for the relevancy factor on the various subject matter. You’ve been opening it up quite a bit, we have animal and ET interactions, didn’t know if direct Earth spirit interactions would be on subject. I’ll send one and let you decide — no hurry as I know you are very busy — I’ll know what to send more of by what you include as time goes by. May your workweek be a peaceful one 😊

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      2. Thank you. Kind of turning the shop upside down, deprogramming team and trying not to start a revolution, but cleaning up house for sure. Otherwise, all peacefully. Catch up later…


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