Message from Elder Limptbataook, via Martha Dewey

By Martha Dewey

Hello. I am writing this at the urging of Elder Limptbataook…

I have been putting this off for some time. I am told that Today is the Day! for there is much to share. July 10, 2018 Shall we begin? Dear One. Daughter. Sister. Mother of Legions. Sasquatch Nation. Tree Nation. Faery Nation. Human Nation: Beloved One!

I am Limptbataook. STRONG EARTH MEDICINE. I have been in wait to commune with you in this soul incarnation. I became remembered to you thru writings of your/our brother SunBow (chapter 29 Book 3). Yes, I have acted dismissive towards him. But Lo! I have much love and respect. And it worked! As I have made it into print (laughter)–and–back to your remembering. I and your family… Diverse and Many… walk with you. You came to this incarnation with fear and yes… some anger. You and I have fought shoulder to shoulder over the long-time Despisement of our Peoples.

You and I are reluctant warriors. Pushed to our limits. We have been one with Forgiveness and Love. We have watched our peoples suffer. Be mutilated. Burned Raped Pillaged. You have many soul memories of this. Our anguish sent us to be hermits.

You in this lifetime were taught shame and unworthiness. Try as you would, you could never be accepted with the “IN” crowds. Their Dance was never in step with your Dance. They sensed you as different. Those have done their best to ignore, vilify, hurt. But You

Beloved are still standing! Tall and straight with the heart of the ancient Sequoias. With the soul of the ancient Redwoods. Yes, you remember carrying redwood seedlings on your space craft to plant in Earth’s soil. And you remember your peoples living high up in those trees. I speak not to discomfort you with praise and platitudes.

Yes, we both crave recognition. Yet we hide from it for fear of reprisal from the dark forces. We understand… you even before me that it is time to heal our hearts and wounds. It is time to forgive. As our brother Jesus said “For they know not what they do.” You and I are not strong of public speech. We are not strong of words of diplomacy.

But we are strong as the warrior!

Limptbataook (Also to be called Uncle) has now asked me to explain the following experience in my own words:

My first vision of Uncle was of our two wounded hearts coming together for comfort and healing.  Then this recent experience: As I lay in bed one night, I felt the presence of Uncle next to me. I turned onto my right side and visioned many beings laying side by side…our heart centers lined up. Then I saw a bright light glowing red. It was as tho all of our heart centers were burning. I was frightened, but told to remain calm. Then I saw bright white light and fell asleep. I woke up some minutes later laying on my back.

I sensed the many to right also laying on their backs. Then I looked to my heart center.

I saw a beautiful garden growing! I was told “The Garden of Life is within you. You are the Warrior of Love. You carry the seeds of renewal. Give of them freely. We are with you. We are one. In Gratitude to All my Relations!

white yeti

2 thoughts on “Message from Elder Limptbataook, via Martha Dewey”

  1. Beautiful message ❤️. Thank you for sharing Elder Limptbataook and Sister Martha

    Sending Love and Gratitude to you both ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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  2. Thank you Martha and Uncle.This post felt very good to me. I appreciate your very loving and humble message. I look forward to more kind messages from Uncle.

    On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 1:15 AM Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communicati

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