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How I Became Sasquatch Interpreter, by Cindy Carter

By Cindy Carter



How I Became Sasquatch Interpreter:

First of all I want to preface this with – I have never had any thought or communication with any form or idea of a Bigfoot creature entity or essence of a Sasquatch, up until this experience. I was open to the idea of them though.

I am an intuitive and have the ability to communicate with multi dimensional consciousness. I can communicate at times with deities, saints, archangels, – entities – civilizations and other sentient life. But never a Sasquatch.


So one day, in the Summer of 2015, I got a phone call from my friends Mary Joyce and Evelyn Gordon. They are investigators of uncommon occurrences, ET activities, Bigfoot activity and Cherokee little people as well as many deep throat testimonies about dark military projects. I have been involved in many of these subjects with them, as an experiencer and witness since 2013.

While I was living in the Lake Lure area of North Carolina, I got this call from “The Ladies”, as I call them. They live in the Mountains also, near Cherokee, about two hours away.

They called and said they were involved in a case, where they are now assisting the family within some very scary activities at their home. They needed my help as an interpreter. I was being asked to be an interpreter of the multi dimensional field that can access the clan of Sasquatch and ask what is happening? I said, “Mary, I know nothing about Sasquatch” I have never had a conversation with them or know anything about them. She said – Cindy we were guided to involve you – we were told by our guides that you were the one to assist the family.” I said, “OK then.”

So, at the time, I was looking for a side job to my artwork biz as I had run out of money. I didn’t even have money for the next months rent. So after the call, we set a time where I would go to their property near Highlands and Cashiers NC. which has a lot of sightings of unusual activities. Bigfoot and UFO activities in this remote area of NC. So I meet the ladies and we head to a restaurant on the way in a small mountain town, and it was this restaurants first day in business and it was obvious they needed help.

We sat down, the manager came over and talked with us, the owner came over and said, “Do you all know anyone looking for a job? We need help here.” The ladies both looked at each other then looked at me and pointed –“ HER – she needs a job.”

I was like – “wait – what? Where AM I – what kind of restaurant, BBQ? OH MY, and what town am I in? “

I said, “well, I live two hours away I would have to find a place to live cheap enough I could afford to live on what you pay me. Is that possible?”

In five minutes, a piece of paper was handed to me – with a name of an art gallery owner that had an apartment coming open – very inexpensive and well – perfect. Divinely perfect.

There is more – about a cat that had an emergency – and the owner needed someone desperately to watch the cat – my friend in California saw the call out on Facebook for help and alerted me. I contacted her not knowing where in the State it could be…. Well, It ended up being a cabin within 5 min of the Ladies house. So I had a place to stay while I came to assist this family.
So – that was my entrance that day to this introduction to the Sasquatch.

Mary driving, me in the front seat, with Evelyn in the backseat we started making our way to the property. I was told a bit about the family, a mother with two children and her bodyguard/friend.

I was told that the family was fixing a dam on their farm property in the mountains.

The dam needed repair and while drilling, they busted into a cave under the dam, the cave became flooded with water. They saw the next day, huge muddy hand prints all over the vehicles. All over one of the two homes on the property. Then, the muddy prints and awful smell was on everything outside. They did manage to get in the house, into the rooms, after the family was run off from one house to the other on the property. They were eventually run out of that home. They were too scared to stay there anywhere on this large parcel of land as the evidence was escalating.
I was being brought in after two years. I was told it was a large acreage property, partially in pasture, partially in woods, and that there were many caves on the property.


As we arrived onto the property, I started to speak to the multi dimensional fields, to start a conversation let’s say. I know from my work with shaman and interdimensional guides, that I am to respect the realm, the land, the inhabitants of the land and to honor their wishes. I ask permission to enter their dimension – I asked for them to allow us to arrive on the property and that we wish no harm to them or the family involved. I am here as a mediator, an interpreter. I affirmed out loud, while we were driving.

We turned onto the property, the long gravel driveway, with pastures on the right and caves and woods on the left. The energy in the car became still and we were all quiet and aware something was…

Just as I finished speaking – Mary and I both saw something out of the front windshield. Just as we turned onto the property, down a long gravel driveway, with caves that I could see from the road on the left, and pastures down the hill on the right. Just then she almost slammed on her brakes as we both said –in unison – “What WAS THAT?” She stopped the car, and immediately my hand was on the car door handle opening the door. Mary is saying – “Don’t go out there”… I said OH IM GOING… and I did… What did we both see.

A dog like creature – about 4 feet tall at head height with big pointy ears, pointy snout and big huge back legs – kind of like a jacked up dog. It was all black – with green glowing eyes – this is the middle of day mind you. It was a transparent black, just as multi dimensional creatures might look to our eyes. It looked straight at us, then turned and bounded down the hill toward the pasture. As I am standing on the top of the hill it took about 4 huge long strides and then poof, it disappeared.

I had an immediate knowing that whatever that was –it was a gatekeeper – checking us out, protecting its space. I did not know anything more than that.

I did feel fine about continuing forward, I felt I was granted the clear passage.
But a part of me just said – “What the hell”?

We were very quiet and silent at this point having NO IDEA what might occur. Mary pulled right up to the larger main home on the land and we got out. We had to watch our step as there were 2×4 s everywhere with nails in them to keep the Sasquatch away from the home. I walked slowly by the front down of this Victorian style house where the railings had mud all over them, the white deck was full of red clay mud, the front door, the windows, covered in muddy hand prints.

The door had claw marks on the edges and looked like it had been chewed on the edges to open it. I immediately wondered if that dogman clawed that door. I walked a bit further and looked to my right into the pasture, down the hill. I saw the old pond, the dam that broke, the chaos and buckets and tarps, the equipment all still there. It was like they just walked away. It had a very eerie feeling.

Samantha and her bodyguard were not here yet so I started walking down to the pond from the Main House. Mary said, “maybe you should not go”. I said, “It is fine, they know why I am here. I am here to assist them that is all.”

As I got closer – I felt the energy of anger and deep sadness – as I approached what looked and felt like a sacred space that had been desecrated with all the drilling equipment and tarps, I immediately saw what happened. The drilling on the rim of the pond opened a hole and flooded a cave underneath it.

I stood and toned into the forest, it’s a way of using light as sound to communicate with dimensional fields. I toned my intentions into the forest. I started feeling that I was being watched, by several beings, I felt presence on the edge of the forest. I felt density in the forest I had not felt when I walked down. They were here. I sat, and I paid honor and gratitude for allowing me to assist them. I was feeling into them telepathically. Suddenly, I understood, I got the whole story. I was not introduced to a leader or one representative – but I felt that I was given the complete story in one split of a second in my mind. Delivered telepathically. Like it was a collective thought of all the beings involved– immediately I knew it was a clan family. A unit comprised of two adults – male and female as partners with two children, and three other adults in the family unit. This was their land, their sacred space.

I felt the sadness, the shock and the fear from having their home ruined, demolished and then ransacked. I knew that Stephanie and her friend took sacred pieces from this cave. This clan felt violated and desperate to communicate. They meant no harm to the family – only communication about the accident – the water, the flooding. I was increasingly getting a bit angry as I felt all of what they felt. Two of the elder members were very strong and also very angry. There were others that were kind of generous and giving and then the innocent babies.

I was told that all they wanted was to tell the family what had happened, that their family home got flooded, and it was both frightening and sad for the Sasquatch Clan.

I was told in this telepathic communication that the Sasquatch had offered a gift to the family– a gift of apology for scaring the family away from the property. This gift was already given to the family. They mean no harm, and have worked in unison with the family for many years. I did not know what any of that meant at the time.

The telepathic book of information said, the Clan would like their artifacts back, but it did not have to happen unless the family felt it was proper. They did not have to receive anything but it would be a kind gesture. As I sat, I cried, I felt every bit of the sadness that they had endured. I toned into the forest again my gratitude for their information and that I would relay this message to the family. As I walked back up the hill, I had residual anger and had to work to clear myself by breathing deeply.

I told Mary and Evelyn that I was quite angry from the information. Because I felt like the owners of the property pillaged the cave and ruined this Clans home.

Samantha and her friend did this unknowingly of course.

Just then the family pulled up. Samantha and the bodyguard walk up to us, he is packing a hip holster with a nice handgun in it and he was carrying a big shotgun.

The Gift.

The Ladies introduce us and we sit on the side porch of the house. We sit and talk with them Samantha and her friend. I told them of the message I got as I was down at the pond. I told them, that the Sasquatch lived there – the Clan Unit and they had two babies. You should have seen her face, and her eyes got really big. I didn’t realize that she had been seeing them for years and taking pictures on her little flip phone of the babies. I asked her about the artifacts they took. And sheepishly she took me in through the front door and there were boxes and boxes of rocks, stones, artifacts, carved pieces, utilitarian pieces, all made of stone. These were all over the living room, lining the walls – on all the furniture. They had taken out all the cool looking stones – and horded them into the house. They took artifacts, that were considered sacred.

She told me that she could not pick up any of the stones now. As she picked up one of them and she ended up with a deformed hand with radiation poisoning. Only thing we could series is – these were stones with cosmic radiation – from another planet or star presence – Her hand had been burned – from the inside. Microwave radiation. So they basically stole the artifacts. Unknowingly.


They took me inside the house. The front door chewed up, the scratches the mud the stink was prominent. Inside the mud was pretty much everywhere dried mud – with Sasquatch hair – on quite a few surfaces. Stuck on doorways where they chewed them open. We went upstairs where they said all the activity was.
We went to her daughters bedroom – it was obvious this family left out of complete fear and have not returned for many belongings. The bedroom had clothes and crayons and markers and art supplies strewn everywhere. There were markings and drawings all over the walls. Faces – round bodies, circles, and rushing water, caves, big Xs over the drawings – it was obvious to me they were communicating what had happened to them.

I asked her about the gift that I was told telepathically they gave her. She looked at me and sighed, then she got and she walked to the front of the house, by the porch and picked up amongst all the 2x4s with huge nails – a small round piece of canvas, with a dyed red trim on the outer rim, with small stones, and a penny and a small matchbox car from decades ago found near the front door.

I told her that what they would like – and what would be honorable is to apologize in intention and action to the family. Tell them you meant no harm. Return the stones, the artifacts. To have a ceremony, or an intention setting – an event to mark the intention in time, then to offer them back the stones, along with some fruit, some roasted chicken, to immediately afterward clean up the site. Take up the 2x4s and to stop shooting their guns on the property each day to scare them. The baby Sasquatches were scared. I felt them as I would feel any human but with high wisdom, like talking to a native elder – you just feel their years of universal service, even the babies. So I reassured Stephanie, her bodyguard that if she did these things she would be safe. This family meant no harm.

Samantha told me after that she had evidence on her phone of a grey alien carrying two Sasquatch babies across the field each day – in the morning and in the evening.
She joked that it was the greys job to babysit them each day. That this alien – would carry them across the field each morning to the other cave system on the other side of the driveway. And then return them around each evening – like clockwork.

She was allowed to see she said because she had worked with and communicated with the greys since a child – she was fascinated as well as scared of them. She knows they healed her hand of the radiation poisoning from the rock. She did show me the photos – she had tons of them on her flip phone and her laptop but she did not allow us to go away with any.

They were very grateful for the message, the mediation and quite relieved that all these activities and being scared for their lives all day everyday for a couple years. They could now be safe.

And then I left.

I got home and I immediately looked up who might be the foremost expert on Sasquatch and give them a call. So, I did a google search and came up with Kewaunee Lapseritis, author of several books, he is a well known communicator and someone considered an expert in his field. He has over 60 years as a researcher. I looked him up and he lives in an itty bitty little town in Washington state that one of my good friends lives in – how ironic, so again another simple but profound synchronicity.

I called and he was gracious enough to stop his life for a moment and engage me with what is just everyday stuff to him but off my charts actually. So I told him about the black dog – he immediately said – oh the DOGMAN – I said oh. Yes they are the interdimensional guardians of the Sasquatch, they monitor and watch their areas – to protect and warn when others arrive. I said –ok makes total sense. Then asked about the Grey ALIEN – he told me that they are often together and that the greys basically work for the Sasquatch. They assist them with earthly issues. OK then, I told him of the babysitter and it did not surprise him at all.

I told him of the drawings on the walls and the communications– and he told me to read his books that have accounts of his telepathic communication with a Sasquatch and an ET simultaneously in1979 that changed his life. I felt validated in my communication and what advice I gave this family.

I heard from Samantha a few weeks later – they did the ceremony, they gifted the stones back and the activities stopped. They cleaned up the dam site and they were now at peace. Great outcome. They asked me to come back and look at a place on the land that they felt was an ancient Sasquatch graveyard. So I went a couple weeks later, met them – this time – no guns, no fear smiles on their faces.
That’s another story.

After all this – I started to get communication in the form of messages, insights, thank yous and visions from Sasquatch. I would have small things I had lost – be put on the dashboard on the inside of my car… With it locked… I would have small sticks broken up and laid in shapes at my car door or at the outside garden gate to the car.

I then researched all that and this is how they communicate telepathically and interdimensionally – they can be anywhere – to those that accept and honor and love them. They want us to love our brother, all species of brother, to love our earth and not to seek them out to prove that they are there. There is no need for DNA any longer – we are working with other realms – there is no need for proof – just acceptance, allowance and love.

So, I never intended to be a Sasquatch communicator.

But just wait, the universe has lots in store for us if we believe.

A YouTube interview where I explain this on camera is being prepared now.

Follow my Channel to find out more.


Text and illustration by Cindy Carter

Cindy Carter Rainbow Yowie

6 thoughts on “How I Became Sasquatch Interpreter, by Cindy Carter”

  1. Yes, they are seen together. UFO and Sasquatch. My husband wrote a short story of his encounters with these in our small town in Alabama. This was the in the late 80s-early 90s and he hasn’t experienced them since. We gone on drives at night in the wooded areas attempting to connect but have not. He’s had UFO activity before over his home, witnessed by others, as well. This is when he was a child. Thoughts of the Sasquatch are very uplifting to me even though they are feared by most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. If you would like to share a written account of your experiences, you are most welcome to send your text by clicking on the ‘Submit story’ button in the menu. Blessings…


  2. Beautiful experience! I love how the communication was bridged with you and peace was the conclusion. Often times humans do not know what impact they are causing around them. With a little awareness can we learn to be mindful of others around us including the Sasquatch! I have been communicating and interacting with the sasquatch for some time now and your story rings true for me. Even though there was the anger by them as they showed they were regretful and compassionate in the end. How would you have reacted? I would have been angry as well probably. I communicate with the sasquatch telepathically and one way they communicate is how you described. They will send you complete ideas. Like planting or downloading concepts, ideas, and happenings in an instant. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Very, very interesting happening. I fully agree with what the sasquatch did, due to the frustration they felt regarding the actions of the pink monkeys (my term for humans). I am glad to hear about the outcome, though. I was surprised regarding the actions of the greys, as I seen a ufo . It was either before or after my personal sighting of that grand being, 1976-77. Love and respect to the sasquatch clans. Dave

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