Experiencers Stories

An Effect of DEMing

By Michael Bodewitz


I went and sat under my plum tree today listening to my flute music. The energy under my plum tree is charged. Something is different. Then I felt Balana’s presence. I said hello to my old friend and we exchanged greetings. Not expecting a lesson I received more of a casual chat. A few days ago I remember looking down at one of my kids thinking “Did I grow taller?” I felt like I was taller. I shrugged it off and then the next day I met up with a friend that was close to my height and this time he seemed to be taller then me. I was like what is going on? Balana told me today that I grew up to 6’5″ and then shrunk to 6’1″ eventually returning back to my normal 6’3″ stature. The reason this happened is because it is an effect of the DEMing. He said that I was changing my size as they can do at will. They can alter their size to whatever they desire. Balana said the reason I shrunk is because the universal law of balance dictates that energy balance itself out unless managed. Because I made myself bigger I had to shrink a little before balancing out at my original form. They said that they have to do this as well but they are able to manage it a lot better and have better control of the energies. He also told me that the plum tree has been shielded by energy. A bubble of energy surrounds it for protection and ascending to higher dimensions. He said I will experience many great things under this plum tree and travel to many dimensions. It is true! Being in the plum tree feels different. It is lighter with vibration and the wind doesn’t seem to flow through there as easily and it almost feels like being in something. At the very end I got to me Balana’s son Yaru. Cute little guy with cute eyes. He was the one that made me a little rainbow as I was sitting under the plum tree one day.

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