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Experiencer story, by Ginger Lockwood, from Georgia

By Ginger Lockwood

September 24: Here is something interesting. Yesterday I went back to one of my research areas and took pictures of this structure on the right that looks like a grid.

There has been changes to it. Then it dawned on me a glyph I found here once after an encounter resembles this grid structure that is at the same location as the encounter.
The glyph is the picture on the left. The night before I found this glyph, I was on a trail not to far from my car and I had been making owl calls back to what I thought truly was an owl. Next thing you know, I hear trees breaking and sticks and leaves crunching and the sound of something big coming to the edge of the woodline and trail.
My heart said that’s a biggie. I turned around expecting to see eye shine and I get blasted with this one loud hoot and felt like lots of energy behind it. Took me by surprise and I think I left my body there for a minute lol. I took off running after that towards my car.
The biggie didn’t hurt me I just got surprised and startled. So finally in my head I thought, why are u running Ginger? The biggie isn’t chasing you.
So I stopped and still feeling the fear just walked to my car. I got to my car and was messaging my friends telling them what just happened. Then I hear the branches breaking and all coming right at my car. I didn’t want to stick around to be hooted at again as that had scared me. So I thanked the woods and everyone for allowing me there and got in my car knowing there was a biggie right there at the woodline watching me lol.
So next day I go back. I’m looking for evidence of the encounter and this is on the ground right where I heard the breaking of branches. This was definitely recent as its topical and its just twigs. A squirrel or wind could easily mess it up. Went back next day to look again and it was completely gone!!! It just dawned on me this glyph they made after the encounter I had with them resembles this large structure.



October 25: Found some interesting things at the place where the Bigfoot hoots at me. New teepee structure with an X in it. Went to gift some leftovers today and saw a new asterisk near my gifting spot. Last time I went to my gifting spot there was a ground stick stuck in the ground. This is neat and now I heard something loud running thru the woods.



3 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Ginger Lockwood, from Georgia”

  1. Great experience for sure! I have seen like structures in a nature center not far from where I live and felt like a being was near by. I would have probably run right out of my shoes or just froze in place so don’t feel bad for heading out quick. I am surprised you go out by yourself. Guess I am a scaredycat 🙂 not of the Sas but the human nuts! Thanks for the great pics!

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