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Experiencer story, by an Anonymous reader

Note: The photos mentioned in the following account were not made available.

”I started my search for Sasquatch back in March of 2018 after spending countless nights awake watching Sasquatch videos. It started just as walks down by the river, in my city, and then I discovered (from reading and watching videos) that the Sasquatch people are everywhere. So I expanded my walks to city parks, particularly ones with many trees. I was shocked to find loads of tree structures, glyphs and stick breaks in the tiniest little park that most people don’t even know about. This was very surprising to me.

”My biggest experiences so far are as follows: I was alone, walking along a path by the river and talking to the Sasquatch as I do everywhere I walk. I tell them about myself, or the state of our culture, or just ask them questions. This area is open with few trees around it as it is mostly tall prairie grass with a few bushes here and there.

”As I finished my walk and turned back to the trail head I heard this “animal” noise to my left.(I have no idea what “animal” it was) It was directly across from me (by a chain link fence 12 ft to my left) as I continued walking. I paid little attention to the sound and then 20 seconds later heard it again but it was now 10 feet ahead of me. ( the sound was 12 ft to my left but also 10 ft ahead ) The grass was high but not so high as to hide an animal of the size that would be loud enough to make this strange sound.

”I continued to walk and started talking to whatever it was and the sound, again, was ANOTHER 10 feet ahead of me (it kept moving ahead by 10 ft with no scuffling or scurrying sounds) BUT this time the sound came from the top of this chain link fence. There was NOTHING there and the fence is totally visible and out in the open. There was nothing on the other side or at the top of the fence and nothing was obstructing my view of it. At this point I was a bit unnerved but also amused as I felt this was a special moment. They were clearly aware of me and trying to communicate.

”I continued to walk and the sound happened two more times, each time 10 feet ahead of me until I was almost at the end of the trail. I then turned towards the fence (where the sound had been located) and said “Do you want to walk with me out to my car?”

”The sound took longer to come this time (as if he/she was thinking) and then I heard the sound 15 ft behind me. In my head I was thinking it was a kid-squatch who was told “NO you can’t go”. This sound, was an unfamiliar animal sound and whatever it was supposed to be it sounded like a “human” was making it. It was a very bad impersonation of an animal…

”Then two days later I went back to the same location but a different path (this one surrounded by trees and bushes) and within 5 minutes I saw crows flying over as they continued on their way past the trees to the river. (out of sight). I heard them making faint noises by the river as I continued to walk. Then right behind me (10 ft) into the bushes/trees I heard a very loud, distinct imitation of a crow from the height of about 6 ft.

”When I turned I expected to see a crow but there was nothing. It definitely WAS NOT a crow but again, this was a crappy imitation that sounded kind of throaty as if a person was making a “crow” sound. I know it wasn’t a crow because it didn’t have the inflection that a crow does (sounded like it was purposely trying to sound fake) It scared the crap out of me but once I calmed down I was pleased that they felt comfortable enough, two different times to make audible contact with me……

”I have also taken many photos of stick structures and the very first glyph I photographed I had asked them to make for me.( I just wanted proof that they actually were living in my area) Within minutes of asking I left the city park I was in and to my shock it was there, near the sandbox in the children’s park.

”This being the first glyph I had seen I didn’t jump to any conclusions about it(especially given that it was in such a public place) but the more I looked at the photo I began to realize the details are precisely the way the Sasquatch people make their glyphs. Its a very complicated glyph that is unlike anything I’ve seen in people’s videos online.

”There was also a second time I asked for a glyph and they left a HUGE V-shape with these wood pieces that looked like drum sticks…. The best evidence I have is a photo of a greyish, partial face of a Sasquatch up in a tree. It’s half-cloaked and looks to be a teenager or young adult male but it’s hard to tell from a partial face what it’s gender is.

”This was, surprisingly, taken in the same city park next to a school playground where I found the glyph. I don’t think I noticed the face in the picture until some time later as the photo looks like I cropped it down from a larger photo.(I don’t remember doing it) I no longer have the original but I still have the face in the tree….

”I also have two faces that appeared in the clouds outside my house one morning when I went out to check out this rainbow that was in the sky at 5 am. The sky looked very weird(like a severe storm was approaching) as it was mostly dark greyish- yellow with a few fluffy white clouds. Upon closer inspection I realized those clouds were faces (one of a middle-aged looking male and the other that looks very similar to an older native woman).

”The impression I get from this photo is that the lady is the mother or grandmother of this smiling Sasquatch fellow. I didn’t see either of them right away but I am a very intuitive person which means that I felt there was something in that picture that I had to find. After looking at it repeatedly I suddenly saw the faint faces in the clouds that are surprisingly detailed. They must have been about 7-8 ft tall as they were in the line of sight in which my camera was pointed.

”Even before I saw those faces I had this very distinct feeling that this rainbow was put there for me as a gift of friendship but I don’t even know if they are capable of doing that. As with all things Sasquatch related I never know if what I’m experiencing or feeling about them and their gifts is real as they often deal in subtlety and intuition.

”As humans we often doubt anything that isn’t obvious and direct. Dealing with entities that rely on us to be very aware and open has helped me to trust my intuition more and stop over analyzing everything so much. I try to accept what they do on a more heart-felt level rather than through my intellect as I’ve read that this is something they value.

”But as we all know, for a human it is very hard to stop over-analyzing everything.
In fact, a few weeks ago a small white feather showed up on my bathroom floor mat. I do not have anything in my house with feathers in it as I am allergic but I have been gathering feathers on my walks as they seem to appear right in my pathway.

”One of the feathers I collected was a tiny white down feather which I keep in a bag on my fridge door. The feather that showed up on my bathmat was the same type of fluffy white feather which my intuition tells me was from them. I felt that they refer to me as “little feather” because I have told them, repeatedly, that I am a very sensitive and intuitive person who cries easily and feels immensely. (I’m what’s known as a Highly Sensitive Person) I may be wrong about them calling me “little feather” but due to the fact that the Sasquatch people want us to live in our hearts rather than our minds I will assume this to be true.

”That is all I have for now. (oh and please DO NOT print my name publicly)


3 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by an Anonymous reader”

  1. Thank you for your wonderful story. I love hearing more and more people sharing their experiences. These times are vital! We need to step out of our minds and into our hearts now. Sasquatch help us with this.
    Your story made me think of how I had asked the sasquatch while in the car on my way out, to give me a sign of some sort. I went to where.I felt drawn, to a small old oak state park. Its quite small but protect very old trees. Its a nice walk. And to my surprise next to a favorite spot of mine, was a smallish teepee. It had one branch balance on everything else on top. I couldn’t believe it. I NEVER see structures around here. Of course the immediate human response to analyze this, mine was that people had done it. I heard in my head; You asked…..we delivered. And the rest was up to me.

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