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Expedition on the Peak, on the Equinox, with photos, by SunBôw

Expedition on the Peak, on the Equinox, with photos, by SunBôw

Life has been intense and busy, leaving me no time until now to write an account of our expedition on the nearby peak last equinox. Four of us drove up the long rocky winding road up the steep slopes to first go visit the altar I had built on the summit at solstice.


The rocks were still standing, but all the offerings we had left were gone, including small pebbles humans would not have noticed. Only the burnt copal remained, stuck to the rock. The night we had gifted offerings there, I had seen a large saucer land right there.

We turned around and as we drove along the hill, I saw a young Sasquatch crouching in the ravine along the road, but the driver didn’t stop. We parked next to a high ridge overlooking the whole valley with a fantastic view on the snowy mountain ranges.


We found a nice open space on the bedrock, surrounded by woods and decided to camp there. Guys were a bit excited and were chatting out loud about all kinds of stories. We had not been there five minutes when a loud grunt brought a short meaningful silence.

I went out on my own to explore around the summit where there were several mother springs where fresh animal tracks abounded, bear, cougar, elk, lynx, wolverine, etc…


After a few minutes walking around the summit, I saw a Sasquatch look at me from behind a bush. I greeted him. He asked why my friends where so noisy and asked me to tell them to calm down and tune in with Nature’s energy, which I did later. He was a young adult who came with the juvenile I had seen earlier. They were sent as ambassadors to greet us and watch over us there, since the Elders were attending an important council under the mountain about matters I’m not allowed to disclose.

They had visitors from the stars, as they are used to in this secret abode, renown for its long time intense UFO and Sasquatch activity. I returned with the others to pass on this message. So we made an altar and did ceremonies, starting with the Gayatri mantra 108 times, followed by some Native Sasquatch songs. After a couple hours, the guys felt like chatting again, so I went on a rock with the drum and did a katsina chant for the star people. While I was chanting, a bright star ship flew by slowly and signaled on its way.


Then we sat for a tea around the fire. We heard many animals, including a big elk that walk nearby calling. At one point I felt and said there was a big bear near us, and then we all heard it 20 feet from us. The bear had told me by telepathy that he was passing by.

The guy went again chatting out loud, so I walked a little ways off and heard rock clapping in the forest. I took two rocks and started clapping back and forth with the young Sasquatch. He told me they love us but they are shy and stay away because we talk too loud and bring our human energy in the woods instead of tuning in with Nature.

I understood his concern and felt a little sad about our overactive limited human minds. So he came near and put his hand on my shoulder, a sign of friendship and brotherhood.

Then everyone went to bed in their tents, but I slept on the rock by the fire. The bear was turning around all night. I could hear him sniff the food, grunt and break branches near.


The next morning, after an icy cold night, we pack up early and left. This was an abridged version of our expedition for the convenience. My main understanding from this experience is that interspecies communication is not an easy weekend hobby, it’s a serious spiritual path which requires efforts and dedication from the seeker on a quest.

Nevertheless, each experiencer’s story is unique and special. It was not given to anyone else that day to see Sasquatch nor the star ship, nor to communicate, but each had a good experience. Sasquatch choose who they communicate with, it’s our job to pay attention. It is wonderful to be able to share sightings or experiences, but even when it is just for us, the experience and teachings are still precious blessings for ourselves to carry.


In another anecdote, this October 24 on Full Moon, we did our monthly community sweat lodge here. Before entering in the lodge, I invited Stenwyken (Sasquatch Spirit). After the 3rd round, I saw Kamooh walking with long strides along the ridge by the tree line, 200 feet from us, then he stopped and faced us for a long while, before he vanished.

Again, although I watched him clearly for some 15-20 seconds, no one else saw him as everyone was centered on the ceremony and concentrated on other activities. It was nevertheless a very significant sign and wonderful blessed visit from my beloved Elder.

Thanks to our Elders for their teachings and guidance and blessings to all our relations…

9 thoughts on “Expedition on the Peak, on the Equinox, with photos, by SunBôw”

  1. Dearest SunBow, thank you so much for sharing and the pictures, it is generous of you to allow us to walk with you to this sacred and beautiful place, in reading I could feel the energy and splendor of the mountain and the beings there. Also thank you foe the confirmation of the fact that somethings are just for us and not to be shared as I got this morning that the reason big brother has stayed a step away from me is because I might not keep it private.
    I miss doing the sweats and the vision quests but it seems this life point has muddled my mind with to many distractions and meditating is hard.
    Someday soon I will again be able as this is my main hearts desire. I believe in hearts desires and I am so proud of you for you connecting with yours in such a deep and vibrant way.
    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
    Hugs & Smiles

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  2. Thank you Bo ✨ for sharing with all of us this
    beautiful story and you’re amazing pictures of your offerings & the mountains, I Wept toward the end your story as it deeply touched my heart. ✨

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