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Psychic Sasquatch tribe and orbs, video account of Paul Michael Pearlman’s encounter in California

Psychic Sasquatch tribe and orbs, video account of Paul Michael Pearlman’s encounter

By Paul Michael Pearlman
November 15, 2018

I am a new member and this is my Bigfoot encounter story that I have never shared with anyone for fear of ridicule, criticism, and possible involuntary confinement to a mental institution 

Although I have never had any interest in new age or paranormal topics, my mind has been open and I’ve stayed neutral to subjects of all genres. I am a clean-cut health nut meaning no drugs, no alcohol, and no mind-altering substances.

After my wife and dog were killed by a drunk driver, I sought solace in the deep remote forests of Northern California. I hiked and camped alone frequently without fear because I had already lost everything I cared about and loved dearly.

Living off-the-grid on 160 acres of old-growth forest and being surrounded by National Forests, it is very easy to walk out my back door and continue on for miles and miles without seeing anybody. After one particularly emotional and difficult day, I decided to go for a 3-day hike/camping trip alone deep into the Six Rivers National Forest.

Unused old logging roads turn to narrow trails and almost indecipherable paths that haven’t seen human hiking boots in decades. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature as I reflected on my life alone and my thoughts drifted without direction or scrutiny.

I made a small non-obtrusive campsite and settled down for the night with just my arctic sleeping bag so I could absorb the full experience of outdoor slumber. The last thing I did before closing my eyes was to set a small wood framed picture of my wife and dog next to me so I could say goodnight to them both – a ritual that allowed me a small measure of familial comfort.

Instead of sleep, tears found their way to my eyes. I began to sob with deep primal cries that only the grief-stricken could comprehend. Although not loud, my anguish drew the attention of woodland creatures as I began to hear stick breaks in what I estimated to be in several directions around where I laid.

Unconcerned at first, I quickly gathered my senses and fell quiet in an instinctive response to what I assessed to be a possible threat. I heard more and bigger stick breaks, then very heavy bipedal-like foot falls coming closer my way from multiple directions. I lay still and breathed evenly to maintain full situational awareness. Darkness was thicker than black, with no moonlight to reveal the identities of the nocturnal walkers.

I had no weapons for protection and my military tactical flashlight lay just out of reach. That is when I saw the first set of what I can only describe as eye shine without a provoking light source. This was unlike anything I had ever witnessed in nature as it was the color of light used in infrared cameras
The size of this reddish eye shine was the sobering size of tennis balls. Each eye. Normally not prone to panic, my heart pounded and my mind raced to rationalize how this eye shine could be reflecting non-existent light. It was at that moment a second set of red eye shine presented itself just beyond the first. The light source for this was coming from within the very eyes that were focused on me!

I estimated that these enormous eyes were at least ten feet off of the ground and holding a steady gaze in my direction. The stick breaks continued all around me in what sounded like a dozen different directions forming a circle completely around my little campsite. As I was captive in my sleeping bag with no route of escape, resignation to whatever fate would befall me volleyed with sheer terror of being attacked and eaten alive by an unknown group of predators who were intentionally positioning themselves in formation around me in darkness only I could see.

I could feel them, an enormity of size and mass that would support the heavy foot fall and tennis ball supersized eye shine. A third and then a fourth set of reddish set of eye shine focused on me though staying at a distance of what I approximated to be about 20 feet. My sensory overload could hear heavy bipedal footfall and stick breaks forming a circle around me; my eyes could see reddish eye shine from four different unknown forest dwellers aimed directly at me; I could feel the etheric energy emanating from the entire group whose circular formation was deliberately positioned.

Then one of them blinked. Like Morse code or telegraphing telepathy that instantly relieved my dread of impending doom; a deliberate blink as if to convey a gesture of goodwill though unspoken eye signal. Although my vision searched the pitch blackness for any detail to help me make sense of what was occurring, I could clearly hear the sound of large bodies shifting, sitting or possibly laying down one at a time. I counted twelve but there could have been more or less.

All kinds of images filled my imagination of who or what this could be; gorillas, bears, wolves, cougars – no, not any of those. I then smelled a musky odor, and I failed in my attempt to place it to anything known to me. I wondered if I was dreaming? Hallucinating? Having a mental breakdown? Did I die and was this hell? Could someone have followed me without my noticing? Did I accidently stumble upon a secret government black project? None seemed plausible scenarios.

The musky odor smelled wild, alive, filling my nostrils with native memories I could not remember. I made a fist and felt my hand clutch tight, my fingers all knuckles, and I still felt alive in my body. I was really here, experiencing this, the center of a circle of — what?

Faint sparkles of white light, wisps here and there, became visible above and around my body still cocooned and enveloped in my sleeping bag; they were dancing to an unsung song, appearing out of nowhere yet seemingly demonstrating intelligence. Beyond these light wisps, bubbles of various small marble sizes floated dreamily while illuminating a faintly glow of green and blue lights. I felt overwhelmed by so many luminary distractions; yet the elephant in the room was whatever or whoever circled me on the periphery.

As the faint sparkles, wisps, and bubbles of various colors of lights played in the air space above and around me, it was in a singular moment, when time seemed to freeze stop, that I saw the unmistakable face of the – I couldn’t bring myself to even say it, the thought of this being true was preposterous to my fixed worldview – yet here is was, right in front of me, a man-beast that looked incredibly the same and identical to what others — others that were supposedly nutty, crazy, wacky, and looney — referred to as Bigfoot.

The soft illumination of glow from the sparkles and bubbles shared enough residual light to make the facial features of these nocturnes visible. I shuddered yet was transfixed at what I could not deny; a man-like beast whose enormous size and stature dwarfed my own; eyes intent but humanized; a face filled with every emotion known to the civilized world but more; eyes, those eyes, like through the looking glass eyes; the light coming from their eyes were like chariots of the gods; an intelligence far beyond anything on earth; I felt spellbound.

I could make out a massive head, the beastly broad shoulders and giant chest; dark hair that was wild and tame at the same time; an unrestrained elegance of untouched wild; wisdom millenniums ahead of us; godly, saintly, beastly, grandiose by undesign; how could this be and how could this not be?

My consciousness allowed the acceptance that I was surrounded by these magnificent giants in a circle designed by them; but for what purpose and why now and why me? I had spent years hiking and camping alone in the woods and never had anything out of the ordinary happen; no forest strangeness whatsoever. But here, now, it was real and immediately apparent there was rhyme and reason for this meeting of the minds.

At this point a low murmur of sounds and some type of chatter began among the circle of giants; and I mean no disrespect for them, I am calling it for what it was, and they were big; very big; beyond big; they were in fact giants. All of them.

It was a chatter-like communication I did not and could not understand. I did not see any lips move whatsoever, but sounds were coming out of their mouths. Very fast. A dialect I cannot compare to any language I have ever heard or am aware of. I’ll call it BigSpeak. Yet they understood each other and became quite animated with the ensuing discussion they were engaged in. At one point it seemed to become a bit agitated but then leveled off to a more reasonable tone.

I had become aware that as quickly as the BigSpeak began, it ended just as rapidly. Then it was back to silence for what felt like a few minutes – though time seemed to dilate in their presence, a term equal to time dilation – I felt acutely that they could somehow manipulate time, bend it, stretch it, stop it, control it. I also intuitively felt they created and controlled the sparkles, wisps, and bubbles of light – for what purpose I will not hazard a guess.

Just when I thought the strangeness could not increase, it did so exponentially, music from behind them, sounds of light piccolo, a few notes at a time, etherical. Who was playing the musical instruments? I saw no piccolos, nor did I see anything or anyone behind the Big Ones.

After the music stopped, I felt very sleepy, but forced my eyes to stay open. I was still sequestered in my sleeping bag, yet the urge to sleep was overwhelming. Though nothing surprised me by this point, I swear I felt the earth move under my body, like an earthquake. Upon closer awareness, it was my body that was vibrating, not the earth beneath me. A light buzzing inside my entire being, but not unpleasant in any way. Unusual and unexpected, but somehow enjoyable like an energy reset of my entire electrical system. I bathed in buzzing and allowed it to run from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was exhilarating in its strangeness. I was acutely aware that this vibrating energy was being directed at and to me by the Big Ones, very intentionally, for what purpose I do not know.

For what seemed like no more than a couple of hours was actually all night because as the vibrating began to cease, the night was nearing its end. I felt so completely exhausted that sleep was taking me, but before doing so, I forced myself to stay awake to witness the Big Ones stand and one by one leave the circle, each moving into the night forest in differing directions but in ordered fashion.

When there was just one left I caught it’s gaze directed at me, I could see the volume of wisdom, understanding, and intelligence in its eyes; this was not a beast or monster or untamed animal, this was something so unique and supernatural that no words could capture its true nature.

I heard no stick breaks on their way out of my little campsite, how would that be possible if that is what I heard on their way in? The little sparkles, wisps, and bubbles of light left with them. My campsite was once again dark, quiet, and I was completely alone.

Upon waking in late morning, the sun was high in the sky and I turned to say good morning to the photograph of my wife and dog, but the framed picture was gone. I jumped up and frantically searched all over, but it was not there, it was not anywhere.

After I got back home, I went to see the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked and all was fine. Then I had a physical and got a clean bill of health. I wanted to rule out any health problems; I did.

In the time since this Bigfoot encounter, I have recently had three more, very similar in nature. The others were in the Olympic National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, and Eldorado National Forest.

I have never seen the framed picture of my wife or dog again.

Thanks for listening to my Bigfoot encounter.

Paul Michael Pearlman

8 thoughts on “Psychic Sasquatch tribe and orbs, video account of Paul Michael Pearlman’s encounter in California”

  1. I had a very similar experience happen to me, that started many years ago, and is still unfolding to this very day. I enjoyed your story, and I don’t question in the least, of the authenticity of your experience my friend. I am just thank you did, and that you were able to share your story. Thank you again.

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  2. I got to see Paul Michael Pearlman in Southern California a couple months ago talk about his four Sasquatch encounters – and frankly always thought these kind of people were nut cases – but wow, was I wrong. He really went into detail especially the other encounters that weren’t as nice and pleasant as the one written here. The way he tells it, the last encounter which was somewhere between Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, was really horrific and violent and he says he still has PTSD because of it and has written a graphic follow up describing that final Bigfoot experience as therapy for himself, but ended up reaching the right ears in Hollywood. I wish he would post that other encounter story so other people can read it, even better than this one.


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