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Experiencer story, by Little Feather

By Little Feather

This is a follow-up to my last post of Oct 23/2018

First let me say that the stories I’ve been reading on this site have greatly changed the way in which I view my Sasquatch experiences. Things that I had written off as not being Sasquatch related seem to later reveal themselves as being a common factor in many people’s Sasquatch encounters. For instance, a couple months ago I was in my apartment
doing some writing on my laptop when there suddenly appeared, 6 feet away in my peripheral vision, a black, shiny, undulating, blob that quickly disappeared.
I thought it strange yet chalked it up to eye fatigue from too much computer time. A few hours later I was lying down reading a book on my couch when another black blob ( a larger one) appeared in my peripheral view less than a foot from my head. It looked as though a hand was reaching towards me from inside this blob as it manifested then quickly dissipated. This one I couldn’t dismiss because it was so close to my head thus allowing me to see all the details. I actually jumped when this blob appeared and said out loud “Holy Crap! What was that?” But as the human mind does, it was quickly justified as eye-fatigue and then forgotten.
About a month later I read the story (which I can’t seem to find now) of a man who was talking to a Shaman who said “You know those black blobs you see? That is “them”” He was referring to the Sasquatch people. This utterly floored me knowing that someone else was experiencing these same blobs that were the Sasquatch People.

From the time I last saw those blobs there have been no more visits …that is until yesterday. I was looking down at my cellphone when, what looked like, two small black blobs(that were connected in the middle) appeared 1 foot from my face and slightly above my head. While at first I assumed it was nothing (why I keep downplaying them is ridiculous) the events that transpired yesterday made me change my mind about their sudden appearance.
I must first explain that for several months now I have been going through some phases of enlightenment which, if you know anything about it, is very difficult at times. It is also
amazing at times but even more than that it’s mind-blowing at times. Dealing with enlightenment means that one is suddenly unable to hide from the negative things that
reside in the subconscious which consists of one’s fears and insecurities. One of my biggest fears, as with most people, is based on my inability to trust the universe to take care of me which has resulted in me making many life choices unsuitable for my specific needs . In other words I’ve made choices out of desperation which meant I was not trusting the guidance of my higher self but rather society’s expectations. I recognized this fear arising yesterday after having committed to an art project that I didn’t feel comfortable doing at this time. The reason for this discomfort was due to time constraints in which I was trying to get a lot of work done in a short period of time. I told myself that this was not a problem but it WAS a problem. This is a story that has played itself out repeatedly in my life yet I never want to let others or myself down by having to cancel.
After stressing for several days about getting all this artwork done ,in a short period of time, I finally realized that I was choosing to do this work out of fear rather than excitement. . So I did something I wouldn’t normally do in that I cancelled which resulted in me spending the rest of the day wondering if I had done the right thing.
On one hand I felt as though cancelling was the best move for me yet my mind was trying to convince me otherwise which made me feel a great deal of shame. This struggle lasted most of the day which, I suspect, caused a visit from the black blobs again.
Fast forward to this morning when I expected to wake up with a feeling of sadness over my inability to follow through on this art project yet that is NOT what happened. Instead I woke up feeling elated and as though I KNEW I had made the right choice. The more I thought about the black blobs the more I realized that I felt fully supported for my choice by the Sasquatch people which was likely due to this being a positive turning point in my psyche. I also can’t help but be reminded of the trail of white feathers that play into this story which I will explain a bit later.
First let me tell you about the pictures I have included.
The picture of the gray face in the tree was taken in a small park near my house. I live in a city so don’t assume this was anywhere near a forest which makes it all the more exciting. I also have a picture of a rock that I found on my outside doormat which, initially, I thought of as a rock that was kicked there by accident. My next door neighbour has a driveway covered in stones which could have easily been the source of this rock. I told myself that it may or may not be a Sasquatch gift as it is often hard to know these things for sure. I kept the rock, along with the feathers, that I gather on my walks, in a bag on my fridge but after reading an experiencer’s story about receiving 3 Sasquatch rocks I decided to look a bit closer at mine. I turned it over and over seeing nothing
of any significance until I got to the narrow side where suddenly a Sasquatch face, brow bone included, was staring out at me. This stunned me as I had looked the rock over many times yet didn’t see the face before. Now I carry the rock in a pouch around my neck with a crystal and other healing stones.

Betty Sasquatch faceBetty Squatch rockbetty schoolyard glyphBetty Horn on trident
Another picture you will see was referenced in my previous post in which I asked the Sasquatch for a glyph which appeared by a sandbox near a school. I saw this glyph shortly after requesting it as I walked through the park on my way home.
Another picture I’ve included is an animal horn-looking- piece of wood delicately placed atop a trident-like sapling. I found this on a trail at a new (to me) park I visited last month. This amazing forested area sits atop a hill in a neighborhood that is right near the downtown core. As usual, on my way out of the area I found a crow feather right in my path. Crows and their feathers have become a huge part of my life as I have been feeding them everyday during the summer. At the same time beautiful crow feathers seemed to appear right in my path on my daily walks which is why I started to collect them. I also collected a few smaller feathers like the white one I found on my bathmat.(see previous story)
This day while I was on my way out of this new park , I was walking across this small grassy area with a foot path worn into the grass. Thinking it would be easier to use the path rather than walk on the grass I started following the path to get out of the park.I’m glad I made that choice because on the path in this 4 ft section were tiny white feathers strewn along both sides of the path. I figured a bird had been attacked yet there were no other feathers beyond these little while ones that looked as though they were sprinkled there by hand. It was as if they had purposely been placed there FOR ME! The strangest thing is that I felt as though these were a sort of “welcoming” into my new spiritual journey by the Sasquatch. (and the black- blob visits have also been in support of my current spiritual journey )
The use of tiny white feathers is significant to me because of the one I found on my bathmat in the previous post and the fact that I feel they’ve nicknamed me “little feather” due to my sensitive and empathic nature. I felt that the feathers were almost ceremonial in nature, welcoming me on my new path of awakening and understanding. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the feathers because I was very tired (I had walked a long way) and wasn’t clueing- in to the meaning of the feathers at that moment. It seems this happens a lot with me in that I don’t understand, or believe signs until I give them a second thought some time later.
In conclusion I have to say that I am quite astonished with how unique each person’s interaction with the Forest People is and how they choose to communicate with each of us based on certain aspects of our personalities. For me, the Sasquatch have kept a distance so as not to scare me and yet have done things that shocked me yet left me feeling very comfortable with them. I have to say that the whole Sasquatch phenomenon has opened my mind in such intricate way that I have as of yet to find words to express any of it. I just know that I look forward to whatever is coming next.

Namaste friends

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