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Blue Obsidian mined by the Sasquatch

By SunBôw

Blue Obsidian mined by the Sasquatch. One year ago today, I filmed Jules piece of blue obsidian spinning smoothly with a soft touch. The story of this stone is an unusual one.

A medicine man friend of ours who sometimes visits here and put up his big tipi here last summer to do a special Sasquatch ceremony, was given this blue obsidian in Mexico by a medicine man down there who told him that this blue obsidian was mined on the Popocatepetl volcano by the Sasquatch for the Star People who use it in their ships.

When I posted this video last year, I was contacted by a Pueblo medicine man who asked me where it came from, so I told him the same story I was told. He then told me that he also has blue obsidian coming from Utah that was given to him by the Star People.

Blue obsidian is a very rare stone that few people have ever heard of. The fact that the two stories from two medicine men not knowing each other and distances apart matched so closely is highly significant. One year later, this chunk has been worked and turned into several small pieces of art, with many more on their way. We have so much to learn.

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