Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Susan Mills, from Washington State

By Susan Mills

I first saw one in 1994 at Chinook pass. It was early in the morning – I was the only person driving – I turned on to the pass – instead of staying on the main road. It saw me – I saw it – it watched moved to the bank of the river on the other side of the road. I drove by slowly, trying to see if I could get another look. I knew what I saw, my mind kept over and over, “did you really see what you saw?” “You know you saw what you saw”. “nobody will ever believe this!!!”
I have just moved into a wooded area. I have been visited, they tried to scare me – but I had to laugh. I could tell it was like a kid trying to scare me. I thought it was a human teenager at first – but later I went and looked at the trees it had been stomping on and shaking. Later, I saw two looking at me from the head of the walking path I use every day. I found one foot print – it is still there, even with all of the rain. I watch their progress in the woods. They leave me messages – I don’t understand them. I am not afraid here, I feel we have a mutual respect for each other. I take pics to follow their work. They are currently making hiding places. It is easier for them to hide when I am in the woods.

I want to learn more so I can communicate better.


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