Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Jennifer Browne

By Jennifer Browne

I have a recent SAS story for your site which is quite funny. I will include it here with one of my SASQUATCH art pieces. It was so much fun working with my SAS and allowing them to do their magic. Have you had them help you with obtaining items you need as well? Thank you, Jennifer


I stood in front of my SAS woman expecting a nod of approval but as her eyes followed from my head to my feet, she stopped at my shoes and said “NO.” I was showing her that I had all the cold weather gear I needed to walk in the tall pines, from hats and scarves, to mittens and a warm winter coat. My tennis shoes didn’t pass the test.

“NEED BOOTS” she said, and this is when the conversation moved into a discussion about my GALACTIC feet. I have high arches and very sensitive skin so boots have never been a good match for me. I’ve got the regular rain boot and low snow boots for weather, but I don’t own a pair of hiking boots or high boots which would serve me in the forest. I walk anywhere from 10-16 miles each and every day doing gridwork for the planet and boots have never kept me comfortable. I also have a toe which causes pain when I wear any kind of boot for more than an hour.

I was hesitant because of previous experience with boots, and a new pair of $150 boots wasn’t in the budget over the holiday season. She said, “we will heal toe and get boots.”

I went back online the next day to look at the boots I’d chosen and they were 30% off. Two days later they were 50% off and I’d received a coupon from the company for $10 off any order. Well, being convinced that my SAS set this up for me, I ordered them and by the time they arrived a week later my toe had miraculously healed. In the meantime, I’d had two people hire me to do some pet sitting out of the blue, so the boots were paid for before they even hit my doorstep.

I’ve been walking in these boots now for a month without one blister or discomfort of any kind. They’re magical and just as cute as can be. I’ve never been one to decide what my interdimensional friends and family can do for me. Putting mental restrictions on their otherworldly skills seems out of place and quite radical. If we learn to move with the energy and allow it to push us forward, we’ll find that our Star brothers and sisters have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves.

Thanks for the boots. I love them.

Jennifer Browne-

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