Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Eric Jensen, from Alberta

By Eric Jensen

My first experience was when I was 5-6 years old living in Richmond BC at the time. I was a nature kid, always in the garden playing with the plants and bugs. With this came a great understanding of life, energy and the planet and how we have a huge impact on everything as individuals . These feelings came very natural to me, but it seemed none of my friends or family had any of the same feelings.

One night lying in bed, a very clear telepathic voice came to me ( Eric we’re here, we’re here, come to the window ). Along with the voice in my head came a feeling of love and brotherhood so strong and undeniable, I have yet to experience anything like it to this day so strong. As I jumped up to the window and looked out, there were two basketball sized orange orbs one on either side of the house floating about 4-5’ off the ground.

The balls of light floated directly under my window as they merged into one and slowly floated across the garden and yard and passed through the fence and disappeared into the neighbors yard. I had no idea what this was at the time, the telepathy and feeling connection was so very strong it was a great start to the experience of the unknown.

The next morning I told my mom first thing and this was the start of her support for an ongoing life of experiences.

It was not till many years later and many many other experiences with Sasquatch and UFO’s that I started to get deeper understanding of life and consciousness . This is when I connected to my Sasquatch guide Rafael. Over some deep shamanic journey work in my late 20’s is where he came to me and started explaining to me my life and the connection I had to them. Things started making sense as I started connecting the dots. This experience above was my first experience with the Sasquatch people in their inter-dimensional form working with me as a child preparing and guiding me for life.

I have many more stories to come !


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