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My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw

By SunBôw

As the disclosure movement about the psychic interdimensional Sasquatch is growing fast and exponentially, the ape hunters clubs are quickly losing ground and popularity. This has caused some ape and monster hunters to band together and attack experiencers sharing their first hand encounters and communications debunking the big ape theory.

After facing a ranged attack from an ape hunting party demanding proofs, while posting photoshopped images of ape dummies, and claiming that the Sasquatch are dangerous aggressive beasts ready to kill and eat us, this is what I replied to straighten the facts.


Well, thanks (-moderator-) for the considerate moderation of the hostile behaviors.

Didn’t think experiencers would be attacked for sharing what they know in this group, where I’m new and where I commented only on a post with my writings on which I’m tagged. This makes this group feel like probably the lowest in consciousness of the 3 dozens + of Sasquatch groups I’m on so far. Didn’t expect to be demanded to provide proofs to some systematic deniers for whom no amount of proofs will ever be sufficient, as you pointed out (-moderator-), since there are heaps of evidences already documented that the deniers are too busy trying to debunk to be able to learn anything. I certainly don’t feel obliged to provide any proofs to the loud screamers, especially not when asked aggressively, or when they impose themselves as censors by bullying.

But yes, we have plenty of evidences for open minded objective folks. Unfortunately, the ape hunters turn very aggressive when they are proven wrong, much more aggressive than any Sasquatch I’ve ever met, so no wonder they never see one. And no wonder they never found a big ape either as there are none out there. But they are ready to discredit and attack people who have genuine encounters and share what they learn, just because it doesn’t fit in the mold of their big ape theory and limited mind frame. To them I say, keep hunting big apes and good luck, while there is a growing number of us experiencers worldwide who have ongoing contacts and communications with the highly intelligent Sasquatch, on a physical and psychic level.

If my word is not enough, watch the latest interview with Survivorman Les Stroud on the 500th episode of the Sasquatch Chronicles in which he describes all the psychic and paranormal phenomena he experienced with the Sasquatch. If you don’t agree, go tell him he is lying or that he has less credibility than you. Fortunately, the ape hunters are a species heading towards extinction, as all they have to show is the same old same old plaster casts and photos they keep feeding us with, that haven’t taught us anything new in a century. People are tired of the repetitions and remakes that don’t bring any answer. While the ape hunter clubs are dying out, now there is a fast growing audience who starts to understand that there is much more than a big ape of flesh and blood to the Sasquatch phenomenon and that the first hand experiencers have the best information, based on observation of facts, rather than on theories, speculations and beliefs.

Meanwhile communicators learn directly from the Sasquatch about who they really are, through gifting, stick symbols, tree structures, and a whole variety of phenomena including paranormal and telepathy. So yes, the Sasquatch have manifested in many ways around me in the last years, they gifted me with 3 samples of their hair, showed up on photos and videos, appeared and interacted in the physical as well as in the astral plane. They had me channel a book series which now has 3 titles published, reaching to a wide international audience, the third of which is a collaboration of 10 co-authors who interact with the Sasquatch and channel them.

These books have been instrumental in the creation of several online groups, websites and an annual international conference in which hundreds of experiencers share this same knowledge of those phenomena. This disclosure movement keeps growing fast and exponentially and is now being addressed on mainstream platforms.

So, for the one who was asking for proofs, now it it your time to provide proofs of your claim of being attacked by a dogman, otherwise no one has any reason to believe anything you say. No witness? No photo? No video? No confirmation from other experiencers? That’s very easy to debunk as something that happened only in your head…

conference 3 sasquatch enhanced napa

cindy cropped zoomed

5 thoughts on “My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw”

  1. It’s like telling you they don’t believe in oxygen because they can’t see it even though it’s everywhere……and sustaining their lives. Non believers always need proof, but for us, we live within our own experience system where the heart holds true and gives us the answers we need.

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