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Experiencer story from Hungary, via Cindy Carter

By Cindy Carter

I thought I would share – I am having people contact me from all over the world with their Sasquatch encounters. Some of these people have questions, some need assistance, some need to know there is another human out there having similar experiences.

—–Adrian from Hungary. He is part Russian, living in Hungary.

He had a consult session with me last week. It seems he doesn’t have anyone else he can talk to in Hungary and doesn’t know many people elsewhere. He is not on Facebook…

He has had some very interesting encounters – he lives in the city and they have followed him home – have erected structures next to his building that mimic the structures he sees in the woods. Their habitat is a mile away.

He had a game of adding limbs to their structures – and they would add some also – it was fun for him. I asked if they refer to them as Yeti – and he said yes – he spelled it Jeti!

He also said that he had a dream so vivid they were there talking with him, saying hello. Then he woke up abruptly and the curtains above his bed fell down onto him and two postcards fell off the windowsill he had never seen before saying Greetings from Budapest! LOL

Then he said there was a traditional word that has been around to describe them and it roughly translates to Wood Breaker.

>>>>>>The name is “Fanyűvő”

I LOVE THAT NAME – however I say it – it rolls of my tongue so nicely and i feel some kind of confirmation from a far…
I will be narrating his story into a Bigfoot Big Love Story for Youtube soon.

Exciting discoveries in Sasquatch World.

1 thought on “Experiencer story from Hungary, via Cindy Carter”

  1. Hi Miss Cindy, thank you for being there for those that have no body to talk with as this is why the Sasquatch are there with him…seems people are to busy to take the time to help so the SAS step in because this person is a special being (just like every one else) that can for sure help others connect and FEEL their love. I am excited to hear his story! Please tell Adrian from Hungary not to be lonely just go within and be with them! We are in the same boat with him!
    Smiles & Hugs!

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