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Follow up on the correspondence with the founder of hominology

By SunBôw

Follow up on the correspondence with the founder of hominology

The so-called BIGFOOT COMMUNITY is made of a wide range of different beliefs and opinions that sometimes oppose skeptics to believers, or haters to enthusiasts, while conflicting theories and speculations raise debates that can turn passionate, even sour.

When I wrote the first book of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity four years ago, I received messages from the founder of hominology who coined the term himself in 1953, Dr. Dmitri Bayanov from Russia. He was not believing my account nor the telepathic conversations, demanding for scientific proofs, to which I replied THIS LETTER.

Last September, Dr. Bayanov wrote a MESSAGE that was relayed to me, in which he expressed his interest and sympathy saying:

I have read the three books and am absolutely OVERWHELMED!!! It looks like a Defining Moment in History… Just wonder, Kelly, if it would be possible for you to pass my thanks to the esteemed Elder Kamooh and suggest to him my piece of practical advice, which I will tell the next time if he agrees to hear it. In the meantime I wish to say that the ethics and behavior of true hominologists, who are my friends and colleagues, are similar to or identical with the moral teaching and preaching of Kamooh.”.

Dr. Bayanov asked Kelly not to publish his letter, but as the second hand recipient, I took the responsibility to publish it, as I was amazed at his change of attitude and new heart opening and enthusiastic about sharing the progress made by such researchers.

In a following message, he asked questions and advice from ”Dear esteemed Elder Kamooh” to which Kelly who has channeled him as well replied in detail and at length. He then replied on a more angry tone that he didn’t ask her or me, but Kamooh himself. For the convenience of this post, I will not reproduce here the whole conversation.

Lastly, Dmitri wrote back, and this time he sounded definitively angry because he found out that I had published his first letter, through someone else who saw it on SCENIC and canceled his scheduled booking for a conference with the following comment:

Dmitri, With this out, you will never in the future have a shred of credibility in any scientific community.  What you spent decades building with good research and solid writing, you lost in one romantic fling with the fringe of the paranormal side.

We can only guess who is the author, considering who sponsors his books and is a senior conventional researcher organizing conferences, but we cannot name anyone for sure. This is not the point anyway, this is just one example showing that some researchers know or would be ready to accept the psychic and paranormal aspects of Sasquatch, but most will abstain from mentioning it for fear of ridicule or of losing their reputation.

Other scientists face the same dilemma, like Dr. Melba Ketchum whose work in leading the groundbreaking SASQUATCH GENOME PROJECT caused her to be ostracized from the scientific community. She admitted to me in private that she had psychic contacts with them but never dared mention it to avoid more discredit and attacks. I wrote about this and about Dr. Bayanov, with all due respect to his seven decades of pioneering research in the field of hominology, although we might disagree on some points, as well as many other topics in the introduction of my latest book HAIRY HUMANOIDS FROM THE WILD.

In conclusion, there are more and more mainstream researchers who come to the conclusion that the Sasquatch are indeed highly psychic beings and in fact possess some interdimensional abilities beyond our understanding that we would call paranormal and the ancient shamanic societies call supernatural spirit magic. The awareness is growing.

To end this post, here is my final reply to Dr. Bayanov:

”Dear Dmitri, I published your letter as I was enthusiastic about your seemingly expressed change of heart and opening of mind toward my work with Sasquatch. I’m sorry to see that you feel offended by the fact I published your words, as they sound to me like great revelations of historic significance. Of course, I understand it is regrettable that you lost a booking for a conference because of this, but maybe you should reconsider who you associate with. You say you are all about science and we are all about beliefs, but denial out of ignorance is not an argument and rejecting facts for lack of first hand experience is unscientific and is much more a matter of beliefs, while covering up new knowledge and understanding is against science. Science knows that only 4% of the energy is matter and that our consciousness influences everything at the quantum level, while paranormal experiments have been conducted for decades and the phenomena proven real, even if mostly unexplained. On our side, we don’t work for the cover up, but for the disclosure, which involves first hand accounts and releasing all the valid information we can gather to widen our collective knowledge. This is what we’re involved in, bringing out the knowledge and the truth we learn, not keeping it hidden. Wishing you the best in the continuity of your journey of heart awakening. Peace.”

Bryan Sniffen-

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  1. This was another eloquently written, clear and heart felt letter with respectfully worded content. I respect your work and bravery on your continued efforts at disclosing this wonderful and loving Truth SunBow. Blessings to you 🙏

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