Researcher MK Davis exposes the cover up and covert genocide against Sasquatch

Researcher MK Davis exposes the cover up and covert genocide against Sasquatch.

In this interview released on January 3, 2019, famous Sasquatch researcher MK Davis makes shocking revelations with well documented evidence and convincing arguments about the massive cover up and covert genocide perpetrated against the Sasquatch.

He describes the details surrounding the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage taken in Bluff Creek, California in 1967, while a hunting party was chasing the local Sasquatch clan for the logging industry, which resulted in killings. The well known so-called Minnesota Iceman, a corpse from a hairy humanoid owned by a Californian millionaire that emerged just after and was exhibited for years kept in ice, likely came from Bluff Creek.


MK Davis, who has done a remarkable stabilized version of the P-G footage, explains how the original high quality copies were concealed and recalled to be edited and degraded, while the footage went without copyrights for over a decade before they were acquired in highly questionable ways. Some of the most famous names in the Sasquatch world are being unmasked to show a darker side, which involves cover up and genocide.

This all makes much sense considering that the word Bigfoot was coined in Bluff Creek in 1958 when loggers found footprints that made the news which prompted the logging companies to send armed hunters with the logging teams. In 1960, a similar event occurred in south-eastern British Colombia, near where I’m now living, at a place called since Sasquatch Lake. Hunting parties were sent to hunt down the Sasquatch.

Interesting revelations confirming that the authorities know much more about Sasquatch than they would want us to believe, while the official story is always disinformation.

11 thoughts on “Researcher MK Davis exposes the cover up and covert genocide against Sasquatch”

  1. Yes indeed,
    many folks including yours truly mistakenly thought that Giants and the Hairy Folks were one and the same monster, until I learned the truth from you, and the returning Elders, and the waking Warriors of the Rainbow, who can see thru the Ether somewhat better than we could in the Lower Denser Reality/Densities’ 1/2/3D that is … So some of these MK Sasquatch Theories are based upon experiences, of a 3D reality in the Uncivilization, loots of videos, photos, with inferior eyes, and inferior cameras to see, the Hidden Forest Peoples who can see all that little brothers, and sisters do the our Earth Mother as it were, and is …

    So I am not faulting MK he suffered a lot, and it was all in the Heart Space that MK suffered, in this Journey of Forgiveness’, so it is fitting that he would make these analogies, after these many years of study, as we Lift, Rise up’, Breach out of, from a lower frequency Consciousness’s into the New 5th World, or not via our own Free Will Choices,

    Our Earth Mother Turtle will RESET’, no matter what in this Transit, with all Star and Sun agtes wide opened, for all to choose their manifest destinies from within, and she, our Earth Mother Turtle will return to her original form, thru Agartha, and we, the People’s’, shall live again … I was shown this by a Local after I received Sign, from a Red Tailed Hawk, and the Sky Hawks Raven also …
    T’ is true the Sasquatch People’s have, can, and were killed in larger numbers than most folks know b/c the Hairy Folks the first generation, and the second one too, always came for the misery, that was purpetrated on our Mother Turtle, and the Trees Spirits and the deforestations where the draw for our Elder Brothers and Sistars, to be sure…
    Some of this is an evolution of MK Davis’s own consciousness, and awakening…
    There are zero incent Souls among the Sleeper’s, and all the connected and related relation’s…
    These revelations were made after our lifting to 3/4/5/D

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    1. Thank you for doing these interviews. It certainly brought to the surface or to our attention a hidden side of the Bigfoot world. At first, I had doubts about MK’s version, but I listened objectively and did some deeper research that confirm a lot of what he says. I’m not saying he is right in every details, we might never know, but it sure raises some important issues about the reasons of the cover up and makes the official story highly questionable. Keep us posted. Thanks and blessings…

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  2. I’ve listened to some of MK Davis’s YouTube channel videos and they’re interesting but this interview is almost unlistenable for me. Both of you, especially MK, stumble your words and repeat every other word so much that it’s very annoying to listen to and MK doesn’t seem to know how to answer a question directly and talks around and around the subject to where you have to have an interpreter to interpret what he’s trying to convey. I’m almost an hour into it already but good grief get to the point! And he goes on and on about certain things like the attack dog for instance, he keeps driving it into the ground about this dog being an attack dog like it really matters! Does it really matter to people that much that it was an attack dog? It could have been a Beagle for all anyone really cares. A dog ran a Bigfoot out of the forest and Patterson filmed it, that’s all that matters, no need to make the interview so long with unimportant details like this. To me it takes away rather than adds to the story the way he stumbles about it over and over and over again.
    Not a very good interview in my opinion but the facts are still interesting nonetheless…


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