Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina

By Rivette Marchand

Osiyo Sunbow!
I have recently stumbled upon your incredible work with Sasquatch and have already bought 2 copies of your first book (I will buy more for friends who connect!)
~I wanted to say thank you and let you know I have much gratitude in the heart space for you assisting humanity at this time, and for all your good medicine you are sharing!
At the moment I am establishing contact with a Sasquatch tribe here in Western North Carolina in Nantahala National Forest.  I moved to this location Spring Equinox of 2012 and within the first year, I had my first dream of Sasquatch.  In the dreamtime, He, a young Sasquatch met me half way up on our property to ‘check’ me out.  I have never been in the presence of such a loving being, really.  All communication was telepathic, but no words.  Just feelings transmitted.  I woke up so excited and told my husband about it, who also feels a connection.
As the day went on, we felt the pull to drive to Joyce Kilmer, which is one of the last old growth forests in North Carolina.  It is located about 60 minutes from our place.  It was a rainy day, which was so bizarre to think we wanted to go on a hike, but the spontaneity was overwhelming so we just went with it.  When we arrived at the park, there was only 1 car, or visitor hiking the 2 mile trail who we later ran into.  Upon entering the trail, with our 2 young daughters, about 1000 ft from the beginning of the trail head, we were gifted with a foot print from Sasquatch.  It was going perpendicular to the trail where a giant tree had fallen over the river.  Just 1 giant footprint and we knew it was Sasquatch.
Since then I have not thought that I had more visits until I met some women who are working on a website called skyshipsovercashiers who wanted to interview me about my Sasquatch experience, UFO encounters and various giant tools I have found on our land.
They guided me to Kewaunee and that is how I found you.  They confirmed many sightings are reported in my area, but I haven’t met anyone yet.  None of the locals have had encounters.  This land to me is very special and I feel like they are here watching, and would like for me to help protect the land and spring.  I am now learning about the tree knocking which is sometimes constant in the spring and summer and also the shelters they build.  I wanted to share this with you and thank you and curious if you know of Sasquatch tribes maybe in our area.  If you google earth Aquone, the old name of the town we reside in, you will see Nantahala Lake in Nantahala National Forest which has the appearance of a phoenix, to me at least.  I was drawn to the area in the dreamtime and feel it was Sasquatch and Star Beings giving me the green light to relocate. If you have time to reply perhaps and have clues for me to get more tuned in, it will greatly be appreciated:)  I will definitely be buying your other books as well as multiple copies for those I know will be ready to connect.  Again, thank you!!!!
Much gratitude and blessings,
white hall vt

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