More about the Bluff Creek conspiracy, exposing the covert genocide and cover up

By SunBôw

More about the Bluff Creek conspiracy, exposing the covert genocide and cover up

The latest interview with researcher MK Davis aired on January 3, 2019, stirred a lot of emotions in many people, by exposing a darker secret agenda surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon, shattering the more romantic versions of the stories. Many people refuse to believe that such covert genocide and cover up could exist and turned down the theory raised by Davis, without looking deeper into the facts. A quick search confirmed most of Davis allegations as documented facts that can be verified, leaving room for a few conclusions made by connecting the dots. It is important to note that Davis states that although he has ample documentation to back his claims, that some are not proven as ascertained facts. The purpose of this post is not to prove anyone’s wrongdoings, but rather to expose the major cover up.

In an article published in the magazine Argosy in February 1968, so written less than four months after the Patterson-Gimlin footage was taken, the author Ivan Sanderson, himself a Bigfoot researcher since 38 years (Patterson says he first started being into Bigfoot after reading Sanderson’s book ”Snowman”, published in 1961), interviews Patterson and Gimlin about their story, presenting their footage as ”the first tangible evidence that this Bigfoot or Sasquatch really exists!”. In the very first paragraph, it says their saddlebags contained riffles and ”ready loaded movie and still cameras and other equipment”. Later, Patterson is quoted as saying he captured images with both cameras.

He his quoted saying: ”There was a Bigfoot, and for pity’s sake, she was a female.” He then says they chased her for three and a half mile and took footprint casts. Both Patterson and Gimlin admit that she ended up running away to the hills. ”She did take off running, I mean… Man, she was running.” Patterson is quoted as saying.

When Sanderson then asked about the hunting season, Gimlin did indeed reply: ”You’re darned shooting right it was. And out that way, anything moving with fur on it is liable to get shot.” And the article continues with: ”But actually, there just aren’t any hunters way up there, twenty miles beyond the only road known as the Bluff Creek access. Could it be that this Mrs. Bigfoot knew all about guns, but was puzzled by the whirring of a small movie camera?”.

It is also indeed stated that they had ”their film processed, under guard, a copy made, and the original locked up in a vault so that it could not be scratched, stolen or destroyed.” The article then says that John Green and Rene Dahinden flew down to the US to meet Patterson and Gimlin and invited them to Vancouver, BC, to show their film for the first time to a group of scientists. The scientists’ opinions reported in the article tend to find the footage convincing, but some object that only a skeleton or physical evidence would be considered as proof, suggesting that there was a demand for Sasquatch corpses.

Further, the article states that Patterson and Gimlin are raising funds to ”mount a properly equipped and trained small group to go into this or another wilderness area to stage a real hunt for a Bigfoot -captured alive or on film- or else at least for a skull or other physical evidence.” Sanderson then mentions the case of Jacko, a young Sasquatch captured in BC in 1884, examined by a medical team. Yet, although well documented in Crown archives and gazettes, we never heard what happened to him.

Bluff Creek is where the term Bigfoot was coined, after a logging crew found and filmed some large footprints that made the news. The area had been a hot spot of sightings since at least 1954, but it strangely ended in 1967, after the footage was taken. Sanderson admits he had done research in the same area earlier, which was visited by many other researchers in those years, including eight expeditions mentioned in the article, apart from Patterson and Gimlin who had been there several times themselves.

Some footage Patterson took in Bluff Creek, just weeks before the Pattie footage, shows teams of armed men with hunting dogs following the footprints of a Sasquatch. This is clear evidence that there were hunting parties chasing the Sasquatch in Bluff Creek and Patterson knew of it. Whether or not he and Gimlin were directly involved is unclear, but they do express the desire to organize such a hunting party. Whether or not there was such a hunting party in Bluff Creek on October 20th 1967 is also unsure, but what seems clear is that there had been some around shortly before and that Patterson was aware of it. New analysis of his footage reveals some shocking details, like pools of blood, a wound on Pattie’s leg explaining why she was limping, and another Sasquatch seen in the sequence, yet never mentioned.

Of course, there is no undeniable proof of involvement in the whole stage and set up, but the amount of circumstantial evidence piles up into a very high possibility, even probability, that the Pattie footage was surrounded by darker secret operations that have been kept hidden through cover up and censorship. The main argument raised against this theory is that Gimlin could not have lied all his life; but there are countless cases of witnesses, including astronauts and scientists, who are sworn into secrecy under threats and forbidden to address in any way certain sensitive top secret issues like the paranormal.

No one seems to ever have questioned the fact that Patterson died at the young age 38, officially from cancer, just over four years after the famous footage that brought his name into history had been taken. The footage remained into public domain until Dahinden sued legally, bought the copyrights in 1978 and recalled all existing copies in circulation, becoming the sole legal owner of the footage, which was allegedly altered and degraded, while parts of the footage were concealed from the public eyes.

There was just a step for Davis to link what looked like a Sasquatch hunt in Bluff Creek in late 1967, with the appearance of the so-called Minnesota Iceman in 1968, the corpse of a young Sasquatch owned by an anonymous Californian millionaire, which was exhibited in fairs for over a decade. After the corpse escaped from a border control with the help of a special liaison, for smelling like rotten flesh, it was replaced by a dummy and the whole story was called a hoax and settled in public opinion.

Another interesting clue in Sanderson’s article is that he includes the story of John Bringsli, that was first recorded in person by John Green. In October 1960, Bringsli saw a nine foot tall grey Sasquatch at the head of Lemmon Creek near the Kokanee Glacier, in the Kootenay region of south-eastern BC. After escaping from the scene, Bringsli returned the next day, armed and with a friend. Soon, hunting parties were organized with corporate funding and a base camp was established at the nearest of the Six Mile Lakes, which has been officially called Sasquatch Lake ever since. In an article from 1961, Bringsli is called a Bigfoot hunter.

There is a veil of secrecy and mystery surrounding the whole hunt, which extended into the fall of 1962, when hunters shot, but missed a female, according to official reports, which mention different sightings that occurred in those three years, but details or the numbers of hunters involved are unknown. Colombia Brewers which sponsored some hunters, have kept a Sasquatch as the mascot of their most sold beer brand, the Kokanee, which interestingly was advertised by Dahinden in his late years. In that beer commercial, Dahinden is asked if he has ever seen a Sasquatch and the joke is that one runs into his trailer behind his back, while he smiles enigmatically and says ”No, but I know they are out there”, same statement he had made 30 years earlier in the article quoted above, as a hint that he knew more than he could tell.

An article from 1970, in the Independent Press from California, mentions Gimlin, Green, Bringsli and Dahinden. It starts with a long list of random sightings briefly enumerated in chronological order, that Green documented. Then there is a whole paragraph dedicated to Bringsli’s story, but only his first encounter, nothing about the hunting parties that followed. The next two paragraphs then talk about Northern California that ”has been literally flooded with reports and sightings” in the late 1960’s.

Then, oddly enough, the article switches to quotes from Dahinden, described in the previous article as an officer of the wildlife service, but in this one as working in a gun club. He claims that he went to Europe to have some ”material analyzed” because no scientists in North America would test it. This raises questions as to where did Dahinden get some physical ”evidence of Sasquatch”; and secondly, why didn’t he mention where the analyze was conducted or what were the results obtained?

Sadly, there are countless accounts of Sasquatch being killed by Humans, since ancient Native days and increasingly into modern times. The list would be too long to compile here. The well known attack of Ape Canyon near Mt St-Helens in 1924 occurred after the five hunters had shot at least one Sasquatch. In 1960 alone, just in BC, there is at least three reports of people shooting at Sasquatch, leaving blood.

The conventional approach of researchers to this day has been to get a corpse, at the price of killings. There is a reason why the proponents of the big ape theory, suggesting we should kill specimens, have all the attention of the medias and are presented as the mainstream of the Bigfoot world. There has been a well orchestrated covert genocide and a cover up involving government agencies, big corporations and also people with names, some that might be famous names we heard of. The actors in that genocide are likely following and tracking researchers and experiencers to get to the Sasquatch they target.

Could it be that most, if not everything of what we have been told and shown by mainstream medias about Sasquatch has been altered versions, manipulation, deception, when not plainly made up lies to hide the true story, as also the true identity of the Sasquatch People and what we can learn from them?

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27 thoughts on “More about the Bluff Creek conspiracy, exposing the covert genocide and cover up”

  1. I do not like to travel into the fear zone, but do you think positive Sasquatch experiences could attract hunters? This was the only concern I had about sharing my own experience. I ask this for a few reasons because as I do more research into the Sasquatch in the Appalachian mountains, I am finding mostly hunter stories.

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    1. There has obviously always been some hunters chasing after our forest friends as if they were big apes. In fact, this is the only version that seems acceptable to mainstream society and that the medias, movies, tv shows and most conventions keep pushing, to justify the genocide perpetrated. In spite of this, our Sasquatch Elders are telling us that they are reaching out to some of us who are ready for peaceful inter-species relations and they are coming forward to teach us and reestablish our bond with those of us humans who want to stand as ambassadors and rehabilitate our relatives as allies in our collective consciousness. Although they are not invulnerable, they have learned to stay away from hunters, but the cabal now uses high tech weaponry to hunt them, which makes the disclosure of their true identity and story even more urgent. SCENIC as well as other platforms is involved in sharing experiencers stories to teach the world about how wise and loving our hairy relatives really are, so it is time for Humanity to evolve into peaceful inter-species relations and join back our Cosmic Family…

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      1. Thank you for empowering to share. One of the messages sent to me, I believe by the Sasquatch here in the Appalachians, is gathering more people to the land and creating a sanctuary of some kind where humans and Sasquatch can feel safe and work together…along with all of our other relatives in the mineral,plant and animals families, so I will continue to reach out to as many people who connect with Sasquatch and educate those who are misinformed, especially in our area. I resonate with the urgency to share their true identity and feel like our Elders are nudging me gently but quite firmly to represent them:)

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      2. Thank you for doing this. Indeed, the Sasquatch have been reaching out to those of us who are ready to evolve into peaceful inter-species relations and they have been gathering us worldwide in events and online communities. There is indeed an urgency to realign our ways and consciousness before we destroy ourselves and our planet. SCENIC is dedicated to facilitate and support the development of such circles and networks aiming at the same greater purpose of reconnecting with our soul with our Cosmic Family. We are all relatives in One Circle of Life, the Sacred Hoop. Best blessings…

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    2. I believe that especially bears have learned behavior making them aggressive due to
      seeing one of their own being killed by hunters. Why wouldn’t Bigfoot have the same learned behavior? This would explain the reason that many report both aggressive & non-aggressive Bigfoot behavior as well as numerous accounts of Bigfoot knowing what a gun is! M.K.Davis has brass to expose what he has uncovered and has evidence to show that the original Patterson-Gimlin film took place in summer and was reshot in October as part of the cover up.

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      1. Indeed, Patterson started shooting his docu-drama on Bigfoot in Bluff Creek during the spring of 1967, in which Gimlin wore a wig with braids and dressed as an Indian. So some scenes were filmed while trees were green. That summer Patterson went to Hollywood where he received funding and had the name Bigfoot copyrighted. He took the footage with Pattie, allegedly taken in October, just as he had to give back the rented camera.

        As for the aggressive behaviors, we can’t deny they have been reported in a minority of cases of encounters, yet we can’t blame Sasquatch for protecting themselves and their families from hunting parties. It’s a sign of intelligence and caring and they’re allowed to self-defense as we are…


  2. Very sorry but I still do not see anything in these articles that substantiates the ‘genocide” at Bluff Creek. Didn’t researcher Bill Munns just perform a frame by frame in-depth review of the original film that Mrs. Patterson allowed him study ? He did not see any of the blood, bodies or second sasquatch subject in the original ?


    1. There are a lot of clues and documented circumstantial evidences that support most of the claims made by MK, although there is no definite proof of killings available to the public, although some witnesses claim some hidden footage exists. The footage taken weeks earlier at Bluff Creek showing armed parties with dogs tracking Bigfoot prints, as well as many other documented stories from that time about Sasquatch being shot in different locations, involving some of the same names mentioned in those articles, whether from close or far, certainly show that Sasquatch hunting was an evident common reality then as before, and it is still, but now some well organized agencies with high tech weaponry are involved. The statement in 1968 by both Patterson and Gimlin saying they chased Patties for 3 1/2 miles as she was running as strangely disappeared later from the official story. And then they say that they were raising funds for a well equipped and trained party for a real hunt for a Bigfoot, hoping to get at least a skull. The reporter who interviewed them, Sanderson, is te first one who examined the so-called Minnesota Iceman in late 1967, who according to Davis was a casualty from Bluff Creek. The following year or so, Dahinden went to Europe to have physical samples analyzed, but never released the results. That’s a lot of weird ‘coincidences’ to say the least. All of this is enough to raise questions about the official version we’ve all heard. But if we can connect the dots, another picture emerges and the deeper we look into it, the more it becomes clear. The point of this research is not to find the guilty, but to bring to our awareness the reality of the covert genocide and cover up that has been happening in the shadow (we should wonder why), as there are plenty of documented cases of humans killing, wounding or at least shooting at Sasquatch. Yet, this aspects of the Sasquatch research has either always been avoided as taboo or concealed in secret. Disclosure is about the uncovering of the untold story to get closer to the whole truth…

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      1. Appreciate the detailed response SS.
        On the flip side as I am sure you are aware there are also as many historical reports, stories and blogs of human casualties by these beings as well ? Case in point the massacre at Land Between the Lakes where a family was brutally killed. As you mentioned it is difficult to ascertain facts from fiction…

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      2. Yes, you are right, there are indeed several reports of human casualties attributed to Sasquatch. If we look at the history of Humanity, there has always been wars, murders, invasion and cruelty, which doesn’t man all humans are cruel or killers. The Native tribes, like the Sasquatch, have been blamed for killing people, yet they were not the invaders nor the aggressors, they were simply defending their tribes and holding their grounds in front of ranged attacks form better armed bigger parties with a genocidal agenda of clearing them off the land. With context, it is easier to understand what really went on…

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      3. Yes, they are fast, stealthy and can disappear. However, sadly, plenty of hunting parties and expeditions have tracked them since 5000 years of recorded history. I documented plenty of historical reports too long to list in a comment here, in the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch.

        Whether or not Patterson and Gimlin chased Pattie, we cannot know for sure as we were not there. But they first said they did and then never mentioned it afterwards, so maybe they first lied or were silenced later, or else their entire story is made up with lies.

        The purpose of this research is not to point fingers at anyone, but to bring the light on the well documented although unpopular fact that many Sasquatch have been chased, captured, killed and studied since centuries, but it has all been covered up to maintain the pretense that there is no evidence of their existence. Natives themselves have several stories of fights and killings of Sasquatch. Since the 19th century, countless posses and hunting parties were organized in many places, including several expeditions on most continents funded and armed by secret services of various countries.

        Hence, the need and emergency of disclosure about who Sabe really is…


      4. So all of those hunting parties and no known body yet? I believe that many a hunter has attempted to capture a Sasquatch,but their populations are growing around humans in VAST numbers,and their abilities to hide are becoming greater. I talk 2 over 100 families and/or “troops” (groups of 2 males or more) in the Appalachian Mountains.I also live w 2 families on either side of my property,also a Primatology and Conservation student,and a Horticulturist w 2 years education and 30 years experience in these mountains….I don’t know what is going on where you are talking about or what happened in the past,but NO ONE around here is hunting Sasquatch,and there are as many here as anywhere in the world…I know the Sabe can be shot bc they are human,fallible,and make mistakes,and I am aware that the gov’t and/or some gov’t agencies might have taken out some families of Sabe in response to too many human interactions,BUT things are changing,BIG TIME.The Star Nations are about to return and/or reveal themselves,and the Sabe People are a big part of their agenda to help the Earth recover…The “Dogmen” or Wolf and Coyote People as I call them,are also here to help,but their nature is just generally more aggressive.The latter are apart of Anubis’ legion which he took from Set,and what are we seeing in the skies these days? But pyramidal shaped space craft…It won;t be the Sabe People trying to catch up and survive all that’s coming;it will be modern humans.

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      5. If you’re not aware of the hunts that took place, it is just normal that you haven’t heard of the bodies. But it doesn’t mean the reports aren’t out there. I documented many cases in my Encyclopedia for the interested, but won’t have time now to write down a research in a comment.

        Those who are out there hunting for them won’t let you know and you probably don’t know them, because some are part of secret operations. Other make tv shows about catching or killing Bigfoot. Just do a search if you don’t believe it.

        It doesn’t mean of course that it’s all there is out there, it’s just part of it. There is also a fast growing number of people who are developing a better understanding through a peaceful approach. Yes, thing are changing, but they’re not done changing yet. Long ways to go still for our collective consciousness to awake.

        The Star People have always been here, they never left other than in our awareness. Disclosure is the awakening of our true nature and history. It’s a long, gradual unfolding process and it doesn’t require any spectacular manifestation, it all starts in our consciousness…


      6. There more stories of hunts than actual hunts,most of which took place 50+ years ago.No amount of stories amounts to proof without evidence.Half the tv shows of humans hunting Sabe are literally faked,and I can help you with which ones if you like..Would a human hunt a Sabe? Yes,some definitely would,but don’t underestimate the Sabe’s ability to get away,probably greater than it was 50+ years ago.Our gov’t doesn’t want them recognized bc the gov’t wants access to all natural resources,especially now that we are at war and oil prices are about to rise….Anyway,I run into lots of bear hunters and even gov’t researchers sometimes,but no one hunting Sabe – and I would know.It’s kind of hard to hide a whole hunting party,and every party has to be licensed for what they are hunting.there are no Sabe hunting licenses here,but in Oklahoma and Texas,well,that’s another story…I’ll be willing to bet my life that no one in either state ever produces a Sabe body for the public to see….Just my experience,every night of my life w the Sabe People.Blessed be.


      7. Yes, most hunts we can know about took place 50 or more years ago. Have you heard of secret military operations to hunt them in recent years? I have. Because you don’t know it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If hunting permits exist, than hunts happen. And indeed, the industry has been trying to get rid of them to take over the lands and resources. Don’t underestimate human cruelty and thirst for power and gain, nor what they can do with trillion$ in top secret black programs.

        So you can bet your life all you want because they will never produce a body for the public to see. That’s not how secret agencies and the military operate, as they don’t work for us. They do their dirty job without our knowledge or consent.

        Also, you’re not alone to communicate with them. There are many of us out there and some don’t make it public. You can find many accounts from experiencers if you browse this website and see that indeed, contacts and disclosure do happen at a fastening rate. Being open minded can help anyone to learn from others’ experiences, including you.

        I wrote four books on them, including channeled messages and give international conferences on the topic. So I’m well aware of their abilities and how they can disappear. But the youths are more vulnerable and they’re often the ones who get caught or killed. If you love them, you should stand up for their protection, instead of downplaying the threats they face. My Sasquatch guides tell me to disclose the entire truth, not just what suits my own liking. This involves both sides of the story, including the ongoing cosmic war we’re involved in, but of which most humans are unaware. Why do you think the governments are burning down all the forest around the globe since a few years?…


  3. Bless it be to those grand creatures the sasquatch. For many of the pink monkeys (human) are far more evil for their continual murdering, which proves nothing. These beings are far less a animal then these murderers. Rene D. was not a expert in the field he proved to me all he was, was a border lined drunk. Dave

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    1. Thank you for your comment Dave. I’ve been working on a book which I hope to publish for the summer, with deep comprehensive research into the whole history of Sasquatch including the modern research and sorry to say, but it might blow up a few pink bubbles, because there as been indeed a well documented systematic hunt and cover up involving several governments and secret agencies, and most of the big names in Sasquatchery were admittedly fervent advocates of killings. It might shatter the nicer romantic version we have been fed with, but time is for the disclosure of truth…


      1. Thanks for your reply. Good luck on your book, also. My first sitting was in 76/77 so I know they exist, so listening to those cry babies say there is no proof is a sad excuse to go out and murder one. Since, my experience I have ran into many who have witnessed this species. I have gifted them with walnuts off my tree and other real foods and to my amazement they have left signs behind. One day I may write a book of my experiences and of those that have expressed theirs to me. I own what I say for it is the truth and for all the disbelievers go cry to mama cause there is a bigger boy and girl then you out there. Dave

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      2. Thank you Dave. I sure encourage you to write about your experiences as the world is now ready to hear this knowledge. Indeed, evidence is more abundant than anyone can cover, from Hairy Wildmen captured and killed since antiquity, to modern hunting expedition, and plenty of DNA samples collected and tested. Experiencers and communicators have had enough evidences which lead to the understanding of those highly intelligent, advanced, psychic beings, that they know it’s no use trying to prove their existence to the limited materialist Darwinian scientists. There is more satisfaction in learning directly from the Sasquatch then in trying to convince the skeptics of who they are…


  4. My father was winter hiking in the mountains of Oregon, he became snow blind and fell into a crevasse. He said that he was literally picked up by a female bigfoot and taken to a ‘den’, where he was cared for until his sight and strength returned and the storm passed. We have always given reverence and thanks to these beings.

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  5. On the subject on the murder of a klan of sasquatch including a juvenile and being skinned and mutilated and thrown in a pit. People cluthed their pearls defending man in all of his honor. I had to give them a dose of reality. Man is one if not the most dangerous species on this planet. We rape mutilate lynch hate behead committed genocide burn human beings alive dropped nuclear bombs on women children and senior citizens/civilians mass murder serial kill and our reason for this behavior are the worst. So to say a company thats in the business of profit for them to do away with a family of beings that have some of the same DNA that we have. To mutilate a family because they are slowing them down from making a profit is a small act compared to some of the atrocities man has done to each other and other species like the mutilations of elephants because the rich from one group will help their sex drive😳 shark fin soup ive seen gorilla hand ash trays trophy hunting. And people say oh no man would not mutilate and kill these creatures they look to human like.😞 I really hate to go here but I wish one time when a white cop sees a black man running away form him when he lines him up he would I cant shoot him he is a himan being ill catch him another time. Sorry to go off topic. I really apologize.😞

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    1. Sad reflections, but indeed true. Humans have proven to be not only the most dangerous predator and threat for all life forms on this planet including their own, they also tend to often push this same violent approach to first contact with non-human intelligent beings and exopolitics. The best we can do is to be humble and learn from other forms of intelligence about finding our place in the great cosmic community…


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