Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Nana Kreegar, from Oregon

By Nana Kreegar

Thank you for your work in educating the hearts of humanity on the sacred keepers of our beautiful earth. With your permission, my gift:

Gifted to me from Rhododendron, Oregon, when I was hiking alone I felt these images, as a visionary artist, I must record what I see… This was their gift to me… First there were the orbs with the faces in the light. Then I was drawn to the dark shadows across the creek with what appeared to be eyes coming from the dark forms.

nana k

This 1st photo I sent you was standing on the hill looking across creek though the little island into the trees where the faces were looking back at me, looking at the shadows with the eyes but from a different location. I live in Portland. but heart is in the stars.

When I was drawing I kept seeing two sets of eyes and two mouths but one was in another dimension speaking from another time. I think the first mouth represents the physical voice and sacred language of the Sasquatch.. The second mouth is the voice from the heart, the voice of love and oneness. My first drawing is so powerful I feel like I can transcend or pass though it to another dimension…

I realized I needed to share it right away. Please share as others might feel comfort also.

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