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Experiencer story with video, by Pat Franck, from Belgium

Experiencer story with video, by Pat Franck, from Belgium

There has been since ages, accounts from around the world of people finding braids in their horses’ manes. They have been attributed to fairies, leprechauns, as well as to the hairy forest people. Dr Igor Burtsev documented cases of braided horse manes in Russia. Our friend Patrick, from Belgium, was gifted with this nice surprise from his guide…

5 thoughts on “Experiencer story with video, by Pat Franck, from Belgium”

  1. Awesome Pat Frank so cool, we heard of this in Indiana also from WhiteSongEagle, who is/was the author of the book ‘Teluke’, b/c ‘Gichie Saabe’, loves horses so … Saskets’ likes to stay in barns at night also sometimes with the animals … Love’s it

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  2. A couple of weeks later I called the sasquatch the night before I had to do a transport of 4 horses. 2 of the frisian horses had braided manes the next morning, not just one braid but several. Pictures are now available to view in details how these hairs are really ‘woven’. Grateful that ‘my’ sasquatch-clan reacted instantly to my call. They really want to communicate their messages and we ‘humans’ are part of it.

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