Experiencers Stories

Ongoing communications, by Patrick Franck from Belgium

By Patrick Franck

Dear fellow travelers,

Last time I spoke about the experience with Sasquatch and Horses, Animals. I was pretty much amazed with these encounters so I decided to talk about it with some friends, two from Europe Belgium, the other from Denver Colorado.

These are two testimonies of Christopher and Aro:

While we were chatting (Christopher and myself) something happened which we will share…

Pat spoke to me about the Sasquatch and how they leave subtle signs sometimes but they will always respond when you ask them to communicate. He explained how they are gentle and do not push if they feel you may be frightened. He suggested that I simply ask them to show me a sign of communication. I was in my car at work in the parking lot on a early foggy morning while I was talking to him and I decided to ask.

It wasn’t minutes later that I saw what I honestly feel is a sign that Sasquatch is open to talking to me. I have never in my whole life seen a skunk and that morning, just minutes after asking, a huge skunk waddled up in front of my car and passed along the fence to the other end of the parking lot.

I was a bit baffled and taken back to childhood memories of always wanting to of seen a real skunk. Some inner child emotion welled up a it and I began to feel an essence of what type of language the Sasquatch use to reach us. It’s an innocent and childlike nature, yet one that may carry some link to our human history for us to evolve right now.

I remain open to further communication with the Sasquatch and thank Pat for the experience!

Christopher V Comstock, Denver, Colorado

2nd: Chat with Aro about the horses’ braided manes…

Aro’s experience when she connected…

I looked at one of the movies of Patrick when he pointed out to the braiding of the hair of the horses. I first did not want to believe it was due to the Sasquatch, but I did not knew and kept feeling opened for this. When I wanted to send him a personal video message via Messenger, my screen view started to shake and had shivers in it…. I did not succeed to send my message to Patrick neither… Than, I started to realize that it was a Sasquatch that had caused this on an energy level, to point out to me that Patrick his story was real and that he, Sasquatch Yurri, also was real! I felt a huge energy field of love that was approaching me… And I just knew it was the Sasquatch!

Since than, I started to be more opened for Patrick his home-made mini-records, which are also a tool to connect to Sasquatch Yurri. Every time when I watch such a record, I feel Yurri connecting with me. Also when I think of Yurri, he seems to pick it up immediately. I asked Yurri if he could offer some healing or emotional help for my MALE dog who has cancer. At that time, I gave my male dog a supplement of orange etheric oil. That little bottle was standing on the shelf.When I came home that day, and went to bed, I all of a sudden smelled the orange odour in the ear of my FEMALE dog (which I do not gave orange supplements at that time), which points out for me that Yurri had left a sign that he had been here with my dogs. I also asked Yurri to help me with advice on my remote viewing exercises: how to connect with myself in the future at the moment when I see the picture I have to remote view in the ‘now’… He gave me the feeling of rotating in a huge speed to the left. I guess he meant merkaba rotation to left while remote viewing, and building up energy to suck in more information/data… He also transferred to me the image of a spinning dancer. I still lack the detailed information of what he actually meant with that, he send me images… So, I’ll have to find out in practice!

Aro from Belgium Bekkevoort

With Gratitude Pat Franck

PS: Next will be another connection Sasquatch made by tuning in…

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