Happy First Anniversary to SCENIC !

By SunBôw

Happy First Anniversary to SCENIC !

It was on March 1st 2018 that I launched the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication and this SCENIC website. In our first year, we have published 422 posts on our blog, including nearly 200 experiencers stories we received, we have had almost 75,000 hits, by 28,000 visitors, from over 120 countries, we have reached over 1,100 followers and brought our editors team to a dozen members.

We intend to keep offering this service and platform to facilitate the sharing of info and connections between an interested audience of sincere seekers and direct experiencers.

Please keep contributing to this collective effort towards cosmic disclosure and peaceful inter-species communication, by submitting your stories or artwork for publication, sharing our articles and links in your networks and blogs, liking and rating our posts and pages, and sending donations to SCENIC through the links provided on our home page.

We are truly grateful to all of you who have followed and supported us in many ways, looking forward to another year of developing our growing network and sharing info.

We apologize if at times there might be delays in replying to our abundant mail, but we never leave any unanswered. We ask our readers to be patient as we are constantly receiving a large flow of mails with questions, inquiries, requests and submissions, which require a considerable amount of time and energy to process and reply to all.

Hence, we ask our readers to please send only relevant related submissions through the form provided by this website under the link ‘Submit story’, as I cannot always answer in details to everyone’s personal questions and requests, nor read all the poetry, articles, links or videos on random topics I sometimes receive; there are other groups for other activities.

If you have general questions about Sasquatch related topics, please consult our website, use the search engine on the right with key words and you should find answers to the most frequently asked questions within the 400 plus articles we have already posted.

In celebration of our first anniversary, here is a collection of Sasquatch artistic birthday cakes found online, hoping we will all enjoy a piece of sweetness in our lives and circles.

Best blessings to all. Long life to SCENIC !!!…


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