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A Man saves a baby Sasquatch, by Dale Reise, via Cindy Carter

By Cindy Solene Carter

February 28, 2019

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In this ground breaking interview, Vietnam veteran and Sasquatch contactee Dale Reise shares a number of Sasquatch stories, the most astonishing of which involved his chance encounter with a baby Sasquatch that was about to be attacked by a hungry cougar. What happened next when the Sasquatch’s mom unexpectedly arrived on the scene will BLOW YOUR MIND and MELT YOUR HEART. This is THE most powerful, touching and compelling Sasquatch story I’ve heard to date – bar none. If you don’t have much time, the Sasquatch baby story starts about 37 minutes in to the interview. If you can listen to the whole interview, I can tell you it’s definitely worth your time.
Interview topics and timeline: 1:00 – Dale’s first indirect encounter in 1966 (age 8)
2:45 – Description of Sasquatch language – aka Simian talk 12:00 – Sasquatch waves at Dale 13:20 – Sasquatch saves Dale from dog attack (age 10) 23:40 – Dale and several schoolmates see Sasquatch (early teens) 28:00 – Sasquatch rhythmic swaying as form of greeting 32:00 – How Sasquatch keep predators away 33:30 – Sasquatch protects Dale when fallen tree breaks his leg 37:00 – Start of baby Sasquatch story 53:30 – Sharing his food with Sasquatch 1:02:00 – Recent Sasquatch encounter on field trip with biologists 1:08:00 – How Dale’s military experience helped him go beyond fear 1:09:00 – Dale discovers his unusual healing abilities at age 6 1:12:00 – Healing a fruit tree 1:14:00 – Healing girl with tumors in brain 1:16:00 – Dale counsels Vietnam Veterans 1:20:00 – Dale brings Army General to tears 1:24:00 – Dale: “Sasquatch trust me” 1:25:00 – Sasquatch sometimes sleep in caves with hibernating bears 1:26:00 – Sasquatch cedar and moss nests 1:27:00 – Sasquatch weaving skills 1:29:00 – Sasquatch toys and nik naks 1:31:00 – Sasquatch fishing technique 1:32:00 – Regional food sources that Sasquatch enjoy 1:34:00 – Natives and Sasquatch 1:36:00 – Dale’s communications with Sasquatch 1:38:00 – Sasquatch show signs of compassion and respect 1:40:00 – How to encourage interaction with Sasquatch 1:43:00 – How to show submission 1:46:00 – Hand signals that Sasquatch understand 1:55:00 – Sasquatch sense of humor 2:00:45 – Evidence that Sasquatch may bury their dead Find Dale E. Reise on Facebook Illustrations courtesy of Shirley McDaniel contact her at: thepathfinders2@att.net please put in the subject line “Sasquatch”
Thank you for watching, Cindy and David Thank you Sasquatch Nation
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1 thought on “A Man saves a baby Sasquatch, by Dale Reise, via Cindy Carter”

  1. Dear Cindy…David…Dave…, excellent, easy-to-follow intelligent created interview and approach on Spiritual Interspecies Bridging Communication between sentient Beings on Earth. Much Love Pat franck

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