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Experiencer story with dolphin and whales, by Duncan Phelps

Experiencer story with dolphin and whales, by Duncan Phelps

I have been commenting these late weeks on your ‘comment’ section & you have answered.

Do you ever invite special guests on treks to communicate with your hairy clan?

25+ yrs. ago I was just off-shore on my 16’ sailboat with my head inches above the water surface when I was startled by a loud strange hissing noise. I was supposed to be alone out here! Turning my head I experienced a dolphin breaching 4 ft from me; my eyes connected to its eye and in mere seconds we communicated that it was checking me out as I was traveling fast at the surface and it wanted to scare me ha ha! It breached once more a few ft more distant and then I never saw it again.

13 yrs. ago I was crossing the Atlantic in a 43’ sailboat when the skipper yelled out the warning of a whale starboard 70 ft. I looked as it was breaching and saw it was about as big as our yacht. (It is a sailor’s common fear to have whale damage a boat.) I was at the wheel and skipper went below. Shortly she breached not 40’ from us, but I was not afraid of any problem. Suddenly I got a message in my head that she was telling-showing me how fish really swim which I had been long wondering the prior evening. She breached high the next wave and on her side facing us was her juvenile calf.

This is rare, so close AND the calf between us. I was honored and felt warm all over that she had shared this moment. After this I realized-developed a telepathic link with cats & dogs. Was thinking Sasquatch might pick-up on this history of me even a mile apart in the woods. Why not think of this story next time you are near them and ask them in your mind if they would meet with us? See if we can develop anything!

SunBôw’s reply:

Greetings Duncan,

Thank you for sharing your experiences of telepathy with dolphin, whales and other animals. Indeed, telepathy is the universal language that animals use and understand naturally, just like the Sasquatch. These natural abilities can be enhanced and refined with practice and animals and Sasquatch are the best teachers for this. Developing telepathy, as you are doing, is the best way to get into deeper conversations with other sentient species, including Star People.

To answer your question, we did a few ‘expeditions’ locally last year in small groups and also have had group encounters at our annual retreat in Chewelah, WA. It takes a spiritual preparation of some kind to join in and definite guidelines to respect for peaceful approach and communication, without which the journey can be compromised. I’m planning to go out in the wilderness this summer, but at this time I’m busy working on a next book, hoping to publish before summer, I have other commitments as well and I’m without a vehicle or availability at the moment. Hopefully SCENIC will develop into facilitating encounters on the grounds for goods souls who are ready to connect on higher levels. Thank you for your interest, collaboration and support. Best blessings…

whale plaque

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