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Sasquatch People individual and collective Soul, by SunBôw

Sasquatch People individual and collective Soul, by SunBôw

The Sasquatch People are all connected through their greater Soul, especially the spiritual Elders, who most often talk as ‘we’ on behalf of their specie. Their individual ego blends into their greater Soul, so they don’t need names among themselves, knowing and recognizing any soul as they contact.

One reason for this is that by combining their thoughts, many of them can communicate at once in the same conversation, somewhat like a conference call.

It was only after months of intensive conversations that I asked Kamooh’s name at Kelly‘s suggestion. I know why now he hesitated so much and emphasized the fact that when we know each other’s spirit, we don’t need names.

When his message went around, his name was copied on many pages and pronounced by many mouths, all of which he can feel. So far, dozens of communicators have told me they were visited by him, most often in dream or through telepathy, although he has also manifested with sounds and visuals, more than once to some of them.

At the same time, he has been meeting with Elders from many clans worldwide and introduced several of them to me that have contacted me one way or another, through dreams, vision, manifestations or with communicators.

The day he appeared to Kelly and Kewaunee, he had told me hours before that he would go visit them and I had written it to her, but she had not read my message yet.

But in my conversations with him, he has most often talked as ‘we’ from a collective rather than an individual perspective. There has been several other Sasquatch who have taken part in those conversations. I named three in the message (book), but there are many more.

Wohola and Bolo’Bolo appeared to me and manifested in different ways, having also been involved in conversations. Bolo’Bolo has been close to me, a cheerful character and lively friend, yet wise and strong.

Around the night he left his footprint in fresh snow on my doorstep, I was talking with Kelly when he told me he would go see her. I saw him stretch out his arm and had not finished writing this to her that she felt him touch her.

Kamooh being very much in demand and busy with the clan Elders, has dispatched younger warriors as messengers for the task of maintaining connections.

He let me know this winter that he’s accomplishing this huge task out of Love for our species and spiritual duty. He’s always ready to help, but requires time and help for his mission, as many people have called on him, so he advised that communicators develop their connections with their local clans, which is the best way to help us all.

By the time I was transcribing the message, I had already met half a dozen of them, and somehow was connected to hundreds on some level, through their collective Soul.

I have met many more since and made new individual connections with about two dozens. Haloti and George popped up to touch me one night, Enqubit and Te Orano spoke to me in telepathy, Catherine’s guides from Aotearoa, Raven’s silver back Elder from Australia also came to meet me in dream, and others, too long to list here. There is also Tamarack who’s been very involved in bridging ambassadors, like if given a special mission from Kamooh and the Elders Council.

That is he whom the channel in the radio interview described as my guide, from the description he gave.

Often when Sasquatch manifest around me, whether in my daily environment or in the woods, I don’t know right away who it is. They can come and talk without disclosing their individual identity and don’t bother to give a name.

Strangely, I’ve found that connections can go deeper and cover wider perspective when remaining on the collective Soul level rather than into a personal conversation. In my most intense encounters with them and the Star Elders, I don’t see their individual features, just their aura, and the whole Council communicates in spirit with one voice.

I’m taught it is more important and efficient to connect with their greater Soul carrying their collective knowledge, in order to create interspecies bridges, rather than limit our communications to specific individuals or messengers.

In this way, there is no expectations or karmic charge laid on anyone and each can connect with their availability. The communications in this way don’t depend on anyone…

(Originally written and posted in April 2016, revised April 2019)

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