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More experiencers story, by Andrea Francis, from Illinois

By Andrea Francis

This is the very first sign that Sasquatch was here at my home in Southern Illinois. It was 20 feet up in the tree and about 20 feet from my back deck. I looked at it for 2 days and kept bugging my husband Dan about it until he got upset and decided to prove once and for all bigfoot didn’t exist and certainly was NOT at our house nor in S. Illinois? He took a camera into the woods to prove they were not really here. When he came home I asked him if he had found anything and the look on his face told the story! He was eating crow, Tee Hee! He then showed me the beautiful structures he found.

Then we went into our forested backyard and found small but intricate structures. Then we discussed what we were going to do with our night visitors! Should we put up lights and cameras to scare them off, or did we want to try to learn something about them? My husband is very protective about me and his home, so he struggled with this decision, but I was wanting to take advantage of this opportunity that was thrown into our laps! How many people are given this choice? I don’t know, but I convinced Dan that we should not drive them away, but see what we could learn. We decided we would not change anything, no lights, no cameras, we would live our lives as always.

We did decide to put up a microphone in our back window so that we could know when they were here and listen to them. That night after we put up the mike they came! We think they had seen Dan photographing their structures and were concerned they were found out, and must of realized that they were discovered by Dan! They were stamping on our boardwalk in the back, breaking sticks, whistling back and forth, talking to each other, growling and grunting, it was unreal! We think they were checking out how we would react! Would we be aggressive? Would we bring out a weapon? Shine lights?

Could we hear them? Well, we heard them alright, but we did nothing but sit in our bed and listened in amazement! It was scary and exhilarating at the same time! It went on until about 2 in the morning. We feel that they were very excited about us finding out about them, and maybe this had never happened before! They were probably nervous and worried about us just as much as we were about them. That was our first night with our night visitors, with more of the same coming, the night that changed our lives forever!

Andrea Francis

4 thoughts on “More experiencers story, by Andrea Francis, from Illinois”

    1. Andrea and Dan and family Squachies, love how you Andrea followed your love sense..the love for all life which makes us- real humans- different from some other sleeping humans. Welcome to the big family of Earth bond Beings… the greater good of all sentient life
      Namaste Patrick

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