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Star Ships Over the Slocan Valley, by SunBôw

Star Ships Over the Slocan Valley, by SunBôw

Brief updates from this part of the world. Activity has kept happening this spring, and another star ship just seen tonight reminded me to share our experience of a few nights ago. My friend and neighbor Erik and I both heard the call each on our side to go out at the same time and perfect timing to observe two star ships cruising across the sky for at least two minutes. I asked if they were our Star Family and the ship’s course made a zigzag as an answer. So I greeted them and asked them help to channel the last chapter of the book I’m writing. I saw a wave come down from the ship and suddenly, a whole group of visitors of all shapes and sizes were standing in the yard in their astral forms.

In front of them, the familiar silhouette of a seven foot tall black Sasquatch whose footsteps were soon heard walking right up to me and standing next to me. His aura has brightened in his ascended body and he reassured me that we are still working together.

Meanwhile, Erik was in the backyard walking towards a bright light when he felt all the presences around. He saw the face of an ancient wise Sasquatch appear very close to him and look at him for a while, he is now one more of a few dozen who have met Kamooh. Erik told me of his experience before I mentioned about mine with Kamooh and the presences of many star beings. There has been many other stories and anecdotes, but this is one I have time to share now. I’ve finishing my new book which will be a well documented encyclopedia of all things Sasquatch, with great art from ten artists, and photos from various contributors. Hopefully it will be released before summer.

Wish me good luck for its completion.

Best blessings to all…

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12 thoughts on “Star Ships Over the Slocan Valley, by SunBôw”

  1. What a wonderful experience both you and your neighbor had. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to hearing about and reading your new book.

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  2. Your experiences and life energy are now manifesting at such a consistently high level. This is really something to watch and appreciate.

    Often times I practice in mediation or dousing to connect with the Sasquatch people. Recently I noticed a sense of a mature guiding/observing presence that to my mind seemed like it could be Kamooh. This is interesting to me though my own development on these levels is very rudimentary. It would be wonderful to visit with you and perhaps have the opportunity to calibrate these energetic experiences.

    Thank you for your posts and all your work.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. So far a few dozen communicators have had encounters with Kamooh, over half a dozen ave channeled him. He has been intensely involved in assisting inter-species communicators and gathering us. I’m not sure in what area you live. If you want to meet, please contact me in private (submit button) so we can plan a schedule. Blessings…


  3. Thank YOU Sunbow TrueBrother for your welcomed share, sending supportive energies for completion of your book with ease and your usual grace! Namaste, Sharon Schimmel

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