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Shamanic encounters and teachings with ancestors, Sasquatch and Star Elders

By SunBôw

Shamanic encounters and teachings with ancestors, Sasquatch and Star Elders

This is a rather long, but intense story that happened this weekend. Encounters keep happening on a regular basis, too often to report, but in such special occasions, the Elders ask me to share the teachings transmitted, for those who may benefit from them.

Last night we did a sacred fire and prayers on the ceremonial grounds by the river here. After some time, the spirits of the ancestors manifested visually and asked me to cleanse around and inside the sweat lodge with sage smudge. There was a whole crowd inside the lodge of many different tribes with a wide diversity of headdresses and regalia.

These were all the ancestors that have been joining us here in ceremonies since almost two years. They asked me to allow them to return home to their higher dimensions and bid them farewell on their journeys back to the spirit world where they normally abide. As I was smudging clockwise inside the lodge, I could feel their hands touching me gently on my back, shoulders and chest. Meanwhile Erik was dancing and smudging counter-clockwise in the field outside, after receiving a strong beam of loving energy in his heart.

As we completed simultaneously three circles each, Erik told me to look up as a large very bright star ship was flying our way. The ancestors were all standing outside with us and they now appeared as very bright light bodies. As we watched the ship glide above, Kamooh appeared in his spirit form and came to stand between us. Erik has been visited and taught by Kamooh lately as an inter-species communicator and ambassador. I then saw around him several Star Elders of different sizes and types, with one in particular that appeared clearer as a close guide on his shamanic journey. At one point, as Erik said the word ”spirit” a Raven spirit flew just above him. Later he mentioned ”Sasquatch” and a thump on a barrel nearby answered instantly. The thump repeated in another similar moment. During that time, a small bright white orb flew close by around the lodge.

As the ship kept flying away past us, slightly zigzaging  toward the horizon, the ancestors presences vanished from around us as they returned to their spirit homes in the stars. The Star Elders sent to my spirit eye images from the lemon-shaped ship we had just seen, surrounded by a plasma bubble field interacting as a filter between our dimensional timeline and theirs, explaining the synchronicity of their appearances.

Kamooh showed up one last time to leave me teachings before returning with the Star Elders. Among many things, he reminded me that to communicate with interdimensional beings like the Sasquatch and Star Elders, we too often make the natural mistake of trying to perceive them through our physical senses, while the deepest connections happen on a multidimensional level. Beings from higher dimensions can manifest in this physical plane through visual sightings, sounds, footprints, structures or things, even hair, they leave as signs of their presences. But all these gifts reveal less about them than a true spiritual connection through telepathy, merging with their consciousness field.

On this level, it is not necessary for a ship or a being to be physically near for our consciousness to perceive and see the details and understand the knowledge they hold. This same telepathic connection that allows to communicate with spirits or animals is the merging of consciousness into a collective consciousness field, a state that highly evolved spiritual beings maintain together in their dharmic work and cosmic mission.

After these encounters, experiences and teachings, abridged here for space and time, we stayed until late at night by the fire sharing our understandings of this intense gathering. Today we had a sweat lodge ceremony in which I could share the main lines of this story.

In gratitude to Great Spirit and our Cosmic Family with the ever growing connection. Thanks for reading. Best blessings to all our relations…

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7 thoughts on “Shamanic encounters and teachings with ancestors, Sasquatch and Star Elders”

  1. What a remarkable story. I could visualize the experience and wish Mont and I could have been there. I need to learn telepathy so I can try to communicate with these enlighted beings. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

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