Thanks to all our readers, SCENIC update

Thanks to all our readers, SCENIC update

In the first month since its launch, Hairy Humanoids from the Wild sold over 50 copies in 8 countries. The SCENIC website reached 100,000 views in June and now is over 108,500. Thanks to all for your interest and support. As an independent self-published author offering platforms and sharing information since decades through networking, my support depends mostly on my base audience that appreciates my writings and follows my work online. Thanks to all who purchase the books, share the links and donate. I’m now leaving on a tour around B.C. to distribute the books in bookstores.

This pilgrimage is also intended to revisit a few sites of previous encounters and explore new regions, while distributing the six books (The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, 1, 2 & 3, Kewaunee’s 2 books, and my latest, Hairy Humanoids from the Wild) and spreading the disclosure. Your prayers, support, purchases and donations are greatly appreciated.

To order Hairy Humanoids from the Wild directly from the author:

Send payment ($10 USD or $13 CAD) through Paypal

Send your name and email to

I will send you the link to download the book in PDF file.

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild can also be ordered from the printer on Lulu, in paperback or eBook. Click Lulu.

Donations are also always welcome and can be sent on the Paypal link above.

Thanks for helping us in bringing out the disclosure and being part of it. Blessings…



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