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Experiencer story, by an anonymous reader from New Mexico

Experiencer story by an anonymous reader from New Mexico.

I have always been a believer. I have a menu if even I was about 12 years of age. Living in the northern area of Wisconsin. End of October. My Dad was raising us 4 by himself at the time. He got supplies for a party and told is to go and invite our “friends from around the corner”. In rural Wisconsin there are many little roads and mostly forest and water. And dairy cows. 😆 So our friends were about six or so of this family of 17 that lived on the next road up. That rush was only about 100 yards or so up the road and then another couple hundred up that road. So happily off we went. On our way walking back it was getting pretty dark and there was only light from the two houses on that road. I smelled something funny and the others started smelling it too. Somebody yelled “SKUNK” and we all started running as fast as we possibly could. I was always the slowest and I did not want to tell the others but their “skunk” seemed to be running in the wooded area of the road. My mindful older brother ones I was slow, let me catch up and grabbed my hand and soon I was flying. But I will never forget.

So more recently, about five years ago, I was doing newspaper delivery. Always up before dawn and my route was at the base of the Sandia mountains on the Eastern edge of Albuquerque, NM. I believe it goes above 10,000 ft. I had been reading about the communication these creatures are capable of. So I decided to start putting out positivity and communication energy as I walked in the places I could clearly see the mountain.

Then one night I heard a scream. More like a bellow. Which is why I didn’t think it could be a cougar or bobcat. Not a goat, way too loud. I knew it was loud because it came from up on the mountain. So I continued with the good vibes and the thought that I would welcome communication. So one morning before or as I was waking I heard what could only be a Sasquatch voice “Je na. No ah.” I heard it so clearly I opened my eyes and thought with great certainty that it could only be a Sasquatch. It didn’t scare me but it did startle me. Nothing since then but I have not been delivering for almost two years now.

I guess I’m just sharing my experience with you but was also wondering your thoughts on this… Just curious what your thoughts are on this…



6 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by an anonymous reader from New Mexico”

  1. Sounds interesting. When I had my experiance never smelled him just felt fear. When we finally seen him cross the roadway all we felt was the same fear again and the same intensity of fear. Have found teepee type huts and bent trees. Have heard of many having smelt or seeing these grand creatures. Take care Dave.

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  2. It’s interesting you felt no fear. With all these write ups about the goodness of these beings no one can explain the fear felt. In the later part of 1976 when walking the short cut to school and we would pass one spot , then we would feel intense fear and something watching us, We had no idea what it was. Until 1977 was when we seen this grand being cross the road 1/2 block in front of us. If they are trying to teach love and spiritual advancement why the fear, we were young and had no weapons on us. I still have respect for there being and hardships they are going through. Dave

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    1. People fear what they don’t know and can’t control. The first reaction most people have toward Sasquatch is fear followed by the violence it brings, with weapons and hunts. If the Sasquatch wanted to harm people, they could do it, but the fear is usually unjustified ad provokes a panic reaction that often leads to irrational actions. When people learn to overcome fear with Love in their heart, they don’t see the Sasquatch, aliens or bear and cougar as a matter fact as threatening enemies, they see them as relatives. And with a respectful approach we can develop peaceful spiritual relations…


      1. I understand what your saying; yet, we never converted to violence. We had never ever felt or seen anything like it before. I do believe and know they are intelligent creatures. For many years I would think about the situation and understand why it showed itself to us and realized it’s intelligence. After a number of years when I seen the Patterson footage I realized what it was. I started relaying my sitting and I was mocked; but, I realized it was not me that was crazy. I realized how special I was to experience this physical being. I have noticed many claim they are a spirit being; yet ,so are humans. Dave

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