Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Mary R.

By Mary R.

Hello everyone!  I am very happy as yesterday I discovered a Braid in one of the horse’s mane!  I had asked my forest friend way back in the spring because I so wanted to experience this magical gift, and so naturally it was the last thing on my mind and a big surprise.  I did a little happy dance; I was so grateful and i guess the sweet old horse, Roy, has a new friend!  Over the past few months I’ve been honored with other wonderful gifts from my elder brother Sasquatch, and this topped off the summer!  I’m so happy to experience what our friend Patrick experienced more than once with his beautiful horses!  And I find it quite interesting to see the same braids from different Sasquatch people/clans from such distances as across ocean even!  I have included a few more pictures from the past months.  The crow feather was fun. There was a crow at the top of a huge Norway spruce in my back yard. He was just sitting there looking at me.  So I called up to him, “if you are my forest friend, crow for me.”  (Then I was afraid he would!  Haha). Later I was watering the garden out front, and suddenly there was a crow’s feather tucked neatly actually Inside a butterfly bush right where I would see it!  In pristine condition. Crazy and fun and Always unexpected!

I am so grateful for this platform, and thank you for sharing stories from the Conference!  Maybe I will make it next year. :).

Mary R.

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