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Various encounters in Canada, by Michael Lampman

By Michael Lampman

Over the years, I became increasingly interested in reading Sasquatch stories from BFRO and other websites. I remember listening to the song Radar Love while reading stories on the BFRO website and all the classic stories. I’ve had a few experiences that seem to be related to the Sasquatch people.

The first happened in 2002 or 2003 while I was camping with my dad in Northern Ontario. We had been camped on Bark Lake for 3 days or so at that point when I went to answer nature’s call up a hill behind our lakeshore camp. I felt the urgency to answer that call, and rushed up the hill, where I then sat over a nice log. Immediately as I sat down I hear a big crack of a limb or sizable tree and a bunch of rustling of leave and branches followed by at least 1 or 2 more loud cracks of a limb or tree breaking followed by more rustling. It sounded about fifty feet away. It startled me so much that I quickly pulled up my pants and bolted back to camp where I told my dad what I had heard. It felt like the sound display was directed at me, and too odd and prolonged to be a bear or moose. At the time, my dad and myself didn’t know anything about the whole Sasquatch phenomena. It was recently in past couple years that I have thought about this incident and feel that a Sasquatch may have been observing myself and my dad at our camp, and I happened to intrude on it as I raced up behind our camp to answer nature’s call.

My 2nd experience in August 2018 involves a buddy from Brazil who didn’t know much at all about Sasquatch. We were in the Charlevoix region of Quebec at Parc National des Grands Jardins hiking down from a mountain on a well used trail. I began noticing random tree breaks and twists, most were old, but some were more fresh. The overall feel of the hike was amazing. We finished enjoying the view started our way back down the valley. I spotted a small tree that was snapped just off the hiking trail. I was experimenting with grounding and going barefoot at the time, and so was my buddy. We stood there examining the tree break for a couple minutes, not saying much, just feeling grounded and overall happy and listening to the forest. I decided to try projecting a request in my mind to any forest people around in the area. I didn’t tell my buddy about it. In my mind it went something pretty much like this; “If there is anyone around, could we have a sign…..wait! it would be great if my buddy heard something (since I’m pretty sure you guys are around).” About 30 seconds later, my buddy says “Whoa!”. I ask him “What’s up?! Did you hear something?!”. He then tells me that he heard 4 bangs/knocks.

The really odd thing for me was that I didn’t hear anything! Yet I was standing no more than 8 feet away from him! It was as if my request was taken quite literal, and only my buddy heard the sign, which is exactly what I requested. I was really moved by that experience, because my buddy had no previous experience and hardly any knowledge of the Sasquatch or the wood knocking. Along with myself, I had no previous experience intentionally attempting to telepath with the forest people. The next day we went hiking on another route and returned down the same trail and stopped at the site of the first experience. Soon after we get there, we spot a hawk swoop down above the trail and land on a tree quite close, look at us, and then fly off. Those 2 days were quite profound for me and my buddy, who then became much more interested in learning more about the Sasquatch.

My 3rd experience was on Mt Prevost in June 2019, where I went up to see the view with another buddy. We got up there and we were slowly checking out the view, walking along the trail near the cliff edge. I headed for a trail near the cliff’s edge, but second guessed myself for proceeding further. I told myself that it was silly to go around, that I should just stick to the original idea and proceed. About 30 seconds later down the trail, I heard an odd, drawn out whistle. It struck me as being really odd, similar to what a person would whistle possibly, but I felt something strange and comicial about it. I asked my buddy if he heard it, he said he hadn’t, offering that it was probably a bird.

Michael Lampman Prevost

The 4th experience occurred at Harrison Lake in July 2019, north of Harrison Hot Springs at Bear Creek Campground. I went for a quick weekend trip with another buddy. We decided to relax on the beach for the evening and watch the sunset. We had been sitting against a log on the beach, legs extended with barefeet. Really enjoying the scenery and unwinding, just chatting about life and feeling quite grounded, thankful and relaxed. I was looking northwest towards the long arm of Harrison Lake when I felt something brush my big toe from the base of the toe to the tip. When I glanced down slightly from looking off in the distance to my skyward pointing toes, there was nothing to be seen, just my foot resting on the beach! I was speechless and awestruck while trying to wrap my mind around what I had just felt. I continued to sit there relaxed and just then my buddy who had been chatting, asked me, “What’s on your mind Mike?”

In that moment I was still processing what had just happened a moment before and decided to answer honestly. I told him that I had just felt something touch the bottom of my big toe. He was perplexed and confused for a few moments as I looked at him. A moment later, he then became visibly startled and shocked along with a laugh of disbelief. As I couldn’t see anything that would cause him to get excited, I asked “What happened?!” He then told me that 2 of his toes were pulled/tugged on his left foot. Both of us then started to process what had just happened. It strongly felt like there was something or someone there around us. To me it felt like a finger that slowly and gently brushed my big toe. We both were very astounded about what happened. I was also a bit amused that I wasn’t visibly shocked more when my toe was touched. Having no visible proof of anything I felt it was more likely than not, that at least 1 or 2 inquisitive, playful Sasquatch youngsters were there. I was amazed because it was my first day there at Harrison Lake!

Michael Lampman Harrison Lake

Over the years; I have heard several knocks in various forests across Canada; near Walkerton, near Victoria BC, on Mt Seymour on the North Shore of Vancouver. Found various stick structures, breaks and twists in Ontario, Quebec and BC. Once while mountain biking near Butchart Gardens I found an odd wreath with an old, faded rugby ball. Have found numerous structures with my dad and brother which makes it a family affair. My brother’s young family has also had some possible activity near their home.

Michael Lampman -michael lampman van is

My intuition tells me that I and possibly a few buddies along with my dad and brother have been able to feel grounded and compassionate enough to attract the interest of at least a couple forest people. It still blows my mind a bit, but I also feel very thankful and blessed to have had at least some sort of connection with the forest people.

Thanks for reading.



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