SCENIC 20 months Report

SCENIC 20 months Report, by SunBôw

Dear SCENIC readers, please take a moment to read this report. Disclosure is not the easiest nor safest business and it doesn’t please everyone. Although the great majority of comments and emails we receive are friendly and respectful, and we thank those who send them, there are a few odd ones from a handful of folks who don’t like our work and react with ridicule, hostility, attacks, false accusations and threats. There is a few individuals who rate our posts at the lowest so they drop in the algorithms and search engine. For this reason, we would like to do a special request for our readers who like our SCENIC site. When you like a post, please click like below the post and vote with the stars (1 to 5) under the title or under the preview. This helps our site to raise in the search algorithms and to have a better visibility and outreach. Also, sharing our post in your social medias and networks with the share buttons under the posts, or reblogging them if you are on WordPress helps greatly as well and is much appreciated.

Here are the stats for the last 20 months since I launched the SCENIC website.

2018 (10 months): 425 posts; over 59,500 views, by over 21,000 visitors.

2019 (10 months): 130 posts; over 65,000 views, by over 26,000 visitors.

Total for our first 20 months: 555 posts; over 47,000 visitors; reaching 125,000 views worldwide. Our number of followers has reached 1600.

In 2019 so far, in the same 10 month period of time as last year after our launch, we have increased both our number of views and of visitors, coming from over 120 countries.

We published nearly four times less posts this year, as we have received less stories and I was involved in writing a book.

We gratefully thank all our visitors, readers, followers, friends who like and share our content, collaborators who contribute or send us information, clients and donors. Please remember that you are welcome to share your experience for publication by clicking on the ”Submit your story” link in the Main Menu on the blue header of each page.

We are hosting this Saturday, November 2, our 3rd BC PSYCHIC SASQUATCH GATHERING. We will film some and post a report. I will then be traveling for the following months.

If you would like to help us in keeping doing this work, you can support us with donations either with the ”Donations” button on the Home Page, or via Paypal

or via e-transfer at this address:

Another way to encourage our work is to purchase our books (click on links):


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Best blessings to all on your respective quests and journeys…

Bryan sniffen

4 thoughts on “SCENIC 20 months Report”

  1. I am amazed at the complexity of the channeled messages as translated in Book 1. I am curious about the actual process of the channeled information to becoming words on paper. How many hours a day? Is it like someone is speaking and you are transcribing? Do you see the words and the write them? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    1. Greetings Michele, thanks for your comment. It’s a very complex process and hard to explain in words if you haven’t experienced it. Book 2 explains more in details what the different dimensions consist in and how they intertwine. Only this material 4D plane is submitted to linear space-time, while in the other dimensions beyond these limitations, all the information past, present and future can be accessed instantly. When connecting into that One Consciousness Unified Field, telepathy with all highly telepathic beings is accessible. The way they channel with me is mostly through info downloads which is an instant access to a quantity of info, which then takes time to process mentally in our linear time in words. When they ask me to write their message, they often suggest the right words as I write. With the Elders, it goes at the speed we are able to keep up with. Evolution is a long process, so there is no rush, but no time to lose, as it is a long journey through eternity. Blessings…


      1. Sunbow never give up or in my friend, your work is priceless. And needed, it doesn’t mater what we chose to do in life, or which way we turn, as we take both directions either way. They have chosen you for this, flow with it:)

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