Channeled guidance by Mary R.

Channeled guidance by Mary R.

From my higher self today; intended as a reminder (to us all) from the Heart Space

– I Am sovereignty in Oneness
– I want to remember myself into 5D
– Quiet the mind. Shhhh…
-Allow only goodness to flow. If you stumble, get up and practice some more
– Judging others is judging myself
– Get out in nature and Appreciate
– Look for things to Appreciate throughout your day (Abraham-Hicks)
– Be kind
– Love the animals
– Did I mention get out in nature?
– Invite only Love to embrace you and others
-Appreciate yourself
– Manifest in Appreciation
– Do one kind deed every day, even if it is to yourself; it will ripple
– Love your Mother.. Heart-er
– Project love into your day.. out ahead of yourself
– Embrace the World with your Heart
– I Am Love
– I love you
– Peace ☮

7chakras - OUNGEP

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