Report from the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering, by Bob Wiles

By Bob Wiles

Report from the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering. Below at end was the recent release to my constituency about the awesome event in Crescent Valley last Saturday… It was a great event simply because you were awesome about what you shared.

This past Saturday November 2, I attended the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering

Hosted by Scenic – Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Saturday at 11 am – 7 pm, Crescent Valley Community Hall, 1385 Hwy 6, Crescent Valley, BC

This is a an 8 hour drive from Vancouver and required staying at a hotel in Castlegar for Friday night and Saturday night. Yep, it was worth the trip (also a pleasant drive).

The Sasquatch topic is huge and all encompassing. I now have a lot of notes to type up.  Also bought 2 comprehensive fascinating books to read and had the author sign both.

You guessed right that I obtained email addresses for further correspondence and a better report. In the meantime, here are some highlights.

Apparently there has been a Sasquatch genome project that indicated 99% human and 1% unknown. A scientific name was chosen which is homo sapiens cognatus.  Consider Sasquatches to be our older brothers because they were here first and a long time before us.  We observe that Sasquatches understand the natural resources of the earth and apparently have the role of caretakers.  They have many unique beliefs that we are only beginning to understand.  They are telepathic and can read minds.  Shape shifting into animals or trees is a common trait as well as dematerializing inter-dimensional or multi-dimensional.

So the case can be made that Sasquatches are very superior to us but they only want our respect and want to connect. Honor them for who they are.

At the Red Fir Flat campground it was abundantly obvious that the Sasquatches let themselves be known especially by showing some kind of sign.  They tend to stay invisible because of the need to avoid the destructive behavior of the human race.  So physical sightings are rare and you will never forget if you see one which is to be considered as a life changing experience.

Sasquatches have been spirit guides for our entire lives including anticipating our birth.  They will hold our hand and help us work through our emotions.  Lessons will come to us at the right time.  Sasquatches readily share their ancient wisdom and are very cognizant of the need to end our cycle of destruction.

We need to restore ourselves through nature and within ourselves.  Seek the nature that resonates with you which could be working in your garden, tending horses, hiking in the forest – anything that gives you peace and serenity.

Make no mistake about the power of our consciousness which influences everything including ability for time travel. All of us have dreams and seen apparitions.  Some have experienced telepathy and automatic writing.

One of the speakers point blank stated that he was about to describe his interaction with space ships for the first time to a large audience.  This would be cathartic for him.

He had fascinating stories but the main takeaways are that the universe works on telepathic communication and we humans are the exception.  The prime directive as in Star Trek is totally real.  We must ask for assistance if we want it.  Aliens have been and continue to assist with our ascension eg. Pleiadians.

A UFO is essentially a time machine.  Using Star Trek analogies is useful.  Picture a future with free energy and no money. Our conventional medical system is archaic compared to ‘med bed’ technology which exists here on earth and our governments already have some of it.  Space ships can and do go beyond the speed of light.  Be wary of the invisible triangle ships with the circular white drives.  When close, your DNA speeds up which can hurt a lot.  People have gone insane.

This story is all about us and for us.  We are fantastic but up to us individually to rejuvenate spiritual technology within. Our immediate concern is the military style war against our consciousness. We are warriors for our earth.

All 6 speakers were highly worthwhile and there is much left to report.



P.S.  At the breaks I asked around about experiences with food and mentioned that the Sasquatches at Mount Shasta very much like cinnamon rolls.  Nobody concurred but there were stories about other preferred foods such as apples.

3rd BC 2


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