2020 documentary on the Australian Yowie, by SunBôw

2020 documentary on the Australian Yowie (or Dooligah), by SunBôw

Greetings to our SCENIC readers, followers and friends. The roads of life are taking me soon to Australia, at the invitation of my good brother Kagi Taka Raven, co-author of ”The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” Book 3 and contributor to my last book ”Hairy Humanoids from the Wild”, who came to our last four Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreats in Chewelah, WA. We are committed to do a Rainbow Serpent pilgrimage around sacred sites and Indigenous tribes, with the blessings from Original Elders to do ceremonies. We will also gather stories and knowledge about the Hairy Humanoids in the land down under where they are mostly known as Yowie, but every tribe also has different names for them. In Victoria they are called Dooligah. We will explore the bushland and desert wilderness in regions known for their high activity and where their presences are often observed. We will document with videos and photos, collecting information in written form as well, to produce an exclusive documentary on the Yowie.

If you would like to support this documentary project, there are many ways you can help. You can of course send donations, for which we are greatly grateful.

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or via credit card, using the donation buttons on our Home page.

Others ways to support our work include purchasing our books:

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series

Book 1: Conversations with Elder Kamooh (Updated link)

Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders (Updated link)

Book 3: Earth Ambassadors Cooperation, by 10 international co-authors (Updated link)

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch & Disclosure of Inter-species Communication

An unprecedented comprehensive study exploring in depths all the aspects of the Hairy Humanoids phenomenon. From ancestral tribal knowledge, ancient lore, historic reports, and modern research, to psychic and paranormal phenomena, first hand encounters and inter-species communication. 364 pages. 100 illustrations.

Available in paperback and Kindle: Click HERE or on image for the link.

Book cover and back ISBN right size

The ideal gift for your loved ones of for yourself during the Holidays Season, or at any time. This compendium is the most complete study on Sasquatch ever published, going beyond all previous literature on the subject in gathering data from many different sources and in addressing the psychic, paranormal and spiritual aspects.

All proceeds and donations will go towards financing a documentary on the Australian Sasquatch, known as the Yowie or Dooligah. Thanks for your interest and support…

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